Radio Presenters sing with LCGC [30 GOALS UPDATE]

LCGC 30 Goals Campaign Ribbon

We have already started our goal to convince 30 Radio Presenters to sing gospel with us!

On Sunday 22nd July, our LCGC Choir Member, Gemma Rattenbury, travelled to Southend to chat with Tracy Jones live on Southend & Chelmsford Radio.


Gemma lives in Witham in Essex, so her local radio stations were keen to bring her in to chat about LCGC’s exciting 30 Goal challenge.  Tracy was a bit anxious about the challenge of singing gospel with Gemma but after a quick live on air rehearsal, Tracy did fantastic! Learning the most popular gospel song ‘Oh Happy Day’ and singing a ccapella with a listening audience of just over 58,000 people the pressure was on and Tracy rose to the occasion with ease!  Tracy exclaimed ‘I like this! I think I wanna join! This is good fun!” when she finished singing showing her listeners how much fun singing gospel is! You can listen to the very first entry here – well done Tracy! Thank you for being our first Radio Presenter to take up the challenge!

Gemma then visited Ian Wyatt from BBC Essex on Sunday 29th July to repeat the challenge and see how Ian coped with the pressure of singing gospel live on air!


BBC Essex has over 235,000 listeners a week – so Ian was under enormous pressure to sound fantastic! Ian’s opening words were “Now we’ve come to the part of the show that I’ve been dreading…” as he introduced Gemma and explained about our 30 Goal Challenge. As Gemma explained what he needed to do, Ian replied with laughter and said ‘Alright, I’ll have a sip of water, I’m a bit nervous…I’m terrified!” So at 8:14am he started the singing challenge and completed it with no mistakes! Gemma asked Ian if he felt uplifted when he finished and Ian replied “I feel relieved, but I did it, yeah I do feel uplifted!” – Well done Ian! Another great attempt of singing gospel live on air, and a fantastic second entry to our 30 Radio Presenter Challenge…. Have a listen here.

So now we have the Essex Radio stations giving this goal a fantastic start, we are now sending out the rest of the LCGC choir members to try and convince their local Radio Presenters to share their vocals with the nation!  We have convinced two Radio Presenters… will we find another 28 willing volunteers?

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