LCGC’s Charity Goal – Provide water for Africa

LCGC 30 Goals Campaign Ribbon

Water for Africa: Rev. Bazil Meade with Witness, a little girl from Kyenjojo village in Uganda.

Help us provide water for Africa, to children in Uganda this year.

As part of our 30 year Anniversary, one of our goals is to provide fresh water for Africa. LCGC are striving to help break that cycle of poverty by providing fresh water to children in Uganda. We have linked up with one of our favourite charities ‘Fountain Of Peace’ who launched their safe drinking water programme in February 2007. Their aim has been to develop on the ground programmes that make a difference to the lives of both children and adults in the Kyenjojo district.

We find people around the world have a deep yearning to help children break the cycle of poverty, but most of the time they just don’t think their involvement will make a difference…we can assure you it does and you will… together we can make that difference!

Here are the cold, hard facts “There are roughly two million child deaths every year as a result of not having access to clean water”. Africa is hugely over represented in that number. The continent accounts for nearly a third or more, almost 40% of total child deaths from water related problems. ‘Fountain of Peace’ clean water initiative in partnership with the ‘Water School’ charity will change the lives of up to 400 households in Miranga village, Kyenjojo.

Our brand new LCGC water bottles are now on sale at all our concerts and from our online shop! The profits from all sales of this water will go directly to Kyenjojo Village, Uganda and help supply clean water for the residents.  So not only are you buying a drink to quench your thirst, but you are also purchasing clean drinking water for a child in Uganda!

Please support this important cause, “The most effective vaccine against child death in Africa is a glass of clean water.”

More information about the ‘Fountain of Peace’ Charity can be found at – you can also donate the charity directly at their website.

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