LCGC 30 Celebrations – PIXL School Choir Celebration

Only 3 students from each school across the UK were nominated to take part in the PIXL School Choir Celebration held at Westminster Central Hall. Bazil Meade and a team from the London Community Gospel Choir were set the challenge to create this talented mass children’s choir.

Lawrence Rowe, a vocal tutor and singer in LCGC reports “This event was all about showing the students that we believe in them and awarding them for their achievements. A strong message was put forward, about how important education is, but also that doing your very best is enough. The PIXL Choir were awesome. They opened and closed the show, really making the night that much more special.

PIXL Choir PerformanceBecky Thomas, LCGC director says “We spent 4 weeks teaching the children and teachers 3 songs which were a Michael Jackson medley of ‘Will you be there’, ‘Heal the World’ and ‘Earth song’, ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’ and ‘Faith’. The choir were quick to pick up harmonies and arrangements and they demonstrated great vocal ability. The night of the performance was FANTASTIC our lead vocalists shone and the choir followed cues to a tee and the choreography was spot on; Altogether a fantastic achievement!”

That’s another goal completed!

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