30 goals for 30 years

LCGC 30 Goals Campaign Ribbon

London Community Gospel Choir’s 30 Goals for our 30 Year Anniversary

Ongoing goals for the whole year – August 2012 to July 2013

1. Create our own LCGC TV Documentary
We will capture footage throughout our celebration year as we aim to achieve our 30 goals. A 3-part TV documentary will be put together and TV channels approached. To be aired in Summer 2013.

2. LCGC’s 30th Anniversary Tour    Book now!  
We are aiming to sing at 30 venues across the world to really make this celebration year one big party! Our concert dates include theatres, schools, churches, music halls, festivals and overseas venues. Check out our Calendar to find out more.

3. Provide fresh water for the whole of our Celebration year to children in Uganda   Buy Now! 
We wanted to support our favourite Charity ‘Fountain of Peace’ by raising enough to provide fresh water to the children’s home, local schools and homes. We will sell mineral water bottles at all of our concerts and all proceeds will all pay for the children in Uganda to also have clean water to drink. You can help right now! Buy a bottle or two right here on our website!

4. Sing in 30 unusual places around the world
As we travel from place to place, our choir members are going to find the most weirdest and unique places to sing! We will upload our best clips to our website and you can vote on your favourite! Or you may challenge us to find somewhere even more bizarre!

5. Create a big online 30th birthday card   Sign now!  
The card will be up on our website from the start of our celebration year and fans, followers, artists, friends, family, will have the opportunity to leave birthday messages by video or text. If you haven’t already, go leave your message on our birthday card now!

6. Create an Online Video Blog Series    Watch now!  
To record the progress of our 30 goals we aim to film a blog each month over the celebration year. The blogs will be hosted by our choir members, choir directors and Rev Bazil Meade! See how we get on! Check out our latest blog post here.

7. We will release our exclusive 30th Anniversary Souvenir merchandise range   Buy Now! 
Make sure you get yours before they sell out! Limited edition only! Get yours here now!

8. Create our own Online Virtual Gospel Choir    Join Now!  
From AUGUST 2012 logon to our website and learn a chorus of our song ‘Keep Moving’. Our leader, Bazil Meade will give you a quick three minute tutorial on how to sing it and then the microphone is handed over to you as you record yourself singing via your webcam. We will collaborate all of the choir members to create the first ever virtual gospel choir! Watch the choir grow over the 30th year! Get involved, check it out now and see how you can be a part of it!

9. Launch our own Gospel Karaoke Tracks    Buy Now! 
Now you can sing with us! We are creating special versions of some of our favourite LCGC songs. Download and get singing!! The range will grow and expand as the year continues. Click here to grab the first!

10. We are challenging LCGC to lose a total of 30 stone in weight!
We have a whole year to include Zumba into our weekly rehearsals and get tips and advice from a nutritionist – will we collectively lose 30 stone? Watch this space!

11. Gatecrash a large London Exhibition/event
Taking the term ‘Flash Mob’ to the next level – LCGC style! We aim to visit a large London event and surprise them with gospel!

12. Perform at the BBC Proms    We did it!  
One of our favourite events in our 30 years was the BBC Proms, so we will return to the Proms this year for a repeat performance with an anniversary difference! 8th September. Click here to see us in action at the proms with Kylie!

13. Pixl School Celebration Choir    We Did It!  
Our Choir Principal Rev Bazil Meade has been invited to be the Musical Director of this celebration event on 4th October at Methodist Central Hall where top choirs from schools from around the UK will be invited to unite together. Click here to see all the action!

14. Convince 30 Radio DJs to sing with us!    Listen Now!  
We are going to travel around the UK looking for Radio DJ’s to sing live on air with LCGC! Will we find 30 to take up the challenge? Check out our latest progress here!

15. Release our 30th Year Celebration album   Buy Now! 
Including some of our favourite songs from the last 30 years and a few brand new LCGC songs! OUT NOW! Get yours here.

16. Re-visit a memorable place that is important in LCGC’s history   We Did It! 
23rd November we will be performing at one of our favourite venues – The Stables in Wavendon. We helped to build the venue and have sung there every year since it opened.

17. LCGC’s 30th Anniversary Church Christmas Tour    We did it!  
We’re currently on our Christmas Tour around the UK at a local community near you! Come and celebrate together with us. We’re taking our workshops into local schools, local choirs and asking them to join us on stage to sing ‘Oh Happy Day’ with us! Check now for dates in your local area. Tour ON NOW! Don’t miss out! Runs to 23rd December.

18. Show off LCGC’s own tartan pattern!     We Did It!  
We have an official tartan design called ‘London Community Gospel Choir tartan’ made exclusively for us! So we plan to add this to one of our uniform choices in our anniversary year and celebrate the Scottish way! We will wear this uniform in Scotland during Christmas tour.

19. Hold a 30th Birthday Party at the Jazz Café in London    We did it!  
London’s Jazz Café is one of our favourite places! We will be hosting a special 80’s costume themed birthday concert at The Jazz Café on 21st and 22nd December.

20. Re-visit a Memorable Country
In our 30 years we have visited lots of European countries so we have decided to tour Norway, Finland and Lithuania to re-live some great gospel concerts.

21. Celebrate with another organisation who are turning 30!
We are looking for another organisation to share our 30th year celebrations with! The hunt is on…

22. Appear on a TV Reality Show
We need a challenge! We are looking for an expert to come and teach us a new skill! Whether it be dance, fitness, painting, decorating, design, business…. Let us prove that we can do more than just sing!

23. Challenge our Choir Members to complete a 30 mile run
A fun way for us to collectively challenge ourselves to run 30 miles while raising money for our favourite Charity.

24. We are going to celebrate our birthday with our children’s choir 2020 in 2013    We did it!  
2020 Children’s choir celebrated our 30th birthday buy performing a duet of “Free” at the 30th Anniversary concert at Royal Festival Hall.

25. Perform with a TV Presenter who we have not yet met!
In 30 years we have met and sung for many TV and Radio presenters. However there are still a few still to meet.  So who will be the lucky presenter who we will encourage to have a sing with us? Graham Norton, Jonathan Ross…. We are looking for you! Watch this space.

26. Invite 30 choirs to celebrate with us in London’s biggest Gospel Festival    We did it!  
Having influenced, taught, inspired and met thousands of choirs over our 30 years we decided to unite 30 of them in London for a gospel festival hosted by LCGC! Choirs are travelling from all over the UK and Europe – Sunday 5th May 2013.

27. Attempt a Guinness World Record    We did it!  
Are we going to break the current record of having the World’s largest gospel choir. The current record is held in Germany and stands at 1138 people.  Can we beat that? This record breaking attempt will be held at the 30 Choir Festival.

28. Gospel @ Valenza    Book Now!  
We are going to Valenza in Italy for a big Gospel Festival to celebrate our birthday! – June 14-17, 2013. BOOK NOW!

29. End of Celebration Year Concert
We will invite back our co-founders Bishop John Francis, Lawrence Johnson and Pastor Delroy Powell joining our Choir Principal Rev Bazil Meade. A night NOT to be missed!

30. LCGC Reunion Weekend at the Hilton Hotel
We are hosting a special weekend to invite all the past and present choir members to join together for an Anniversary Ball and to form a mass LCGC choir! Date to be advised.