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(2373) Anth
Tue, 5 April 2011 21:43:36 +0000

Hi all.
Just got back from your wonderful concert at St James here in Guernsey.
Your sound was superb and your harmonies awesome could not take my eyes off of your leader and the way she controls the whole song and dynamics.
Thank you all once again you are all so talented, keep sharing it.
Kindest Regards.
Anthea and John Inder.

(2372) ChloeMoore
Tue, 5 April 2011 11:49:19 +0000

Your Amazing! Ashley Me and Lulu and emma are gunna get yahh back 8)

(2371) Lorna
Tue, 5 April 2011 09:09:12 +0000

Hi Monica
Just to say how much my friend and I enjoyed the concert in st Anne church last night.your enthusiasm is infectious!!

(2370) Charles
Sun, 27 March 2011 22:24:25 +0000

It was great to be blessed by you guys at El-Shaddai London today. What an awesome team you are. Your voices are so distinct, sweet and very annointed. I want to be part of such a great team. Keep lifting up the banner of Christ where ever you go.

(2369) Isabella
Fri, 25 March 2011 10:43:51 +0000

Like last year I enjoed the workshop SO much !! :-)X
Too bad so short...I hope next year will be 3 days :;

Every time I go home with so much joy in my heart...
Thank you for all

(2368) Pat
Sat, 19 March 2011 17:40:02 +0000

Friends and myself went to see you at the Festival Hall in Petersfield Hants and can honestly say we had a wonderful evening. Your singing and harmony was out of this world. If we see you near to us again we would certainly go to see you. Thankyou for such a wonderful evening.
Do come back again very soon.

(2367) Nanette
Sat, 19 March 2011 16:53:12 +0000

You set Petersfield Hall alight on Saturday It was great makes you want to get up and sing like you. Hope you come next year Nanette

(2366) Suzanne & John
Sat, 19 March 2011 11:37:03 +0000

Great performance in Petersfield last night!

(2365) Mark Knowles
Fri, 18 March 2011 23:34:20 +0000

Hi guys, thanks for an amazing gig this evening in Petersfield. Your talent was and will continue to be a real blessing to us all. Listening to your CD as I type!! Thanks again.

(2364) Hannah
Fri, 18 March 2011 22:46:15 +0000

Thank you for a fantastic evening in Petersfield!
We had a brilliant time and it was a great end to the week :)

(2363) Fay Henry
Wed, 9 March 2011 01:15:25 +0000

love to know when you you can come to the America.I use to listen to you all when I lived in London. I use to sing with the Majetic singers from Birmingham. Back when Brother Lewis was the Manager, and Mark, Sohia, and Carol Riley were in the group. You guys have always been awesome. God Bless. Please, Please come to the States

(2362) Philippe
Wed, 16 February 2011 20:58:04 +0000

Your site is perfect! Keep up the good job!

(2361) Jeff DiGeronimo
Mon, 14 February 2011 23:27:43 +0000

God bless LCGC. They will ever be linked in my mind to the Magnum song,"IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE".May they always have God's richest blessings always.

(2360) Ian
Mon, 14 February 2011 12:37:18 +0000

:-D What an amazing Spirit-filled and roof-lifting experience at Kings Church, Eastbourne on 12th. Feb. Please DO DO DO come again!!!

(2359) Liz
Sun, 13 February 2011 22:27:05 +0000

Fabulous evening. Your message is so strong. :lol: :lol: Thank you.

(2358) Hazza Hyatt age-11
Sun, 13 February 2011 17:16:56 +0000

I thought yesterday was amazing :-)X i really enjoyed it i really hope you would come again you put smiles on everyone's faces :-D

(2357) Annemarie
Sun, 13 February 2011 14:45:30 +0000

Went to see your performance at the King's Centre in Eastbourne last night and have to say it was absolutely amazing! As a Roman Catholic I hadn't known what to expect but found it wonderful, empowering and enlightening. An absolute joy to watch and a big thank you to you all for coming to Eastbourne to support the mayor's charity night in aid of the YMCA and Young Carers.

(2356) Bubbles
Sun, 13 February 2011 14:22:03 +0000

Great concert last night at King's Church! I soon lost my inhibitions and was on my feet clapping and dancing! Very infectious rhythms and your enthusiasm and camaraderie was joyful to watch!

Come back soon!

(2355) Jim McCarthy
Sun, 13 February 2011 11:55:02 +0000

Great to see you for the first time last night in Eastbourne (Home of Horlicks--lol)
It was a moving (literally) experience and I loved your version of
"His Eye Is On The Sparrow'
Which I know from Marvin Gaye's version.
There was one great song about 4 from the end, really down and funky, was it called "Praise" or something.
I asked and one of the choir said it was unrecorded as yet?
Fantastic, be blessed and thank you again!

(2354) Josh
Sun, 13 February 2011 10:37:20 +0000

Absolutely stunning! Had an amazing time at the concert at the King's Centre in aid of Young Carers and the YMCA, and would definitely pay to see you again! Thank you!

(2353) Rob
Sun, 13 February 2011 10:14:56 +0000

Fabulous concert at Kings Eastbourne ! What Passion you have ! You were awesome ! Felt totally uplifted. Thank you Guys, from the heart. Rob.

(2352) David and Rachel
Sun, 13 February 2011 07:35:29 +0000

:-D :-D Thanks so so much for your performance at Kings Eastbourne last night. You are all just fabulous. Thanks again David and Rachel God Bless you all x

(2351) Jennie W
Sun, 13 February 2011 00:59:37 +0000

Hey - have just got home after seeing you at King's Church in Eastbourne. Had a fantastic evening, absolutely loved it! Singing is a huge part of my life, but to watch the enjoyment that you get from singing was great. Looking forward to hearing you again sometime soon. xxx

(2350) Clementine and Robyn
Sun, 13 February 2011 00:41:12 +0000

So-o lovely guys, thankyou for coming to our Church :) Kings - Eastbourne; we love you xx

(2349) Graham
Sun, 13 February 2011 00:06:41 +0000

:-)X Just watched you guys in Eastbourne. Must say wow wow wow. I am going to see Usher on Friday and im not sure he will beat that. Absolutely brilliant. It was definitely a 'hair standing up on the back of the neck' moment. Well done to all of you and God bless.

(2348) Penny
Sat, 12 February 2011 23:18:41 +0000

:-D great night tonight in Eastbourne, can't think of one song i liked better than another they were all fab. Thank you

(2347) Jenni
Sat, 12 February 2011 23:18:05 +0000

Absolutely, totally and utterly awesome to hear you sing! What a privilege it is to be able to sing about Jesus the way that you do.

Thank you for your inspiration and joy, may God continue to bless you richly in all that you do.

(2346) Teresa
Sat, 12 February 2011 22:48:27 +0000

i've just been to your concert at kings church in eastbourne and what a great evening it was thanks for a great night xx

(2345) Lesley E
Mon, 7 February 2011 21:55:57 +0000

My mother bought tickets for us to see you at The Grand in Clitheroe on the 6th February 2011 and it was the first time I had seen you and omg. you were absolutely fantastic. Would definately want to see you again

(2344) Charlotte
Mon, 7 February 2011 14:25:31 +0000

Amazing performance in Clitheroe last night. Truly sensational voices, very powerful and moving. Great fun, loved the atmosphere.

(2343) Clare
Mon, 7 February 2011 13:26:20 +0000

What a fantastic night last night, inspirational. Music to move the heart and soul. :)

(2342) Philippa
Mon, 7 February 2011 12:10:59 +0000

Was at your concert in The Grand at Clitheroe last night - in a word - WOW! What a fabulous night. God bless you all and may you continue to bless so many with your wonderful music. Thanks for coming! :-)X

(2341) Chris
Mon, 7 February 2011 12:02:27 +0000

:-)X Had the most wonderful evening at the Grand in Clitheroe. The choir and the musicians were amazing and so uplifting.

(2340) Sooz
Mon, 7 February 2011 09:27:18 +0000

Wonderful as ever!! xx :-)X

(2339) Louise
Mon, 7 February 2011 07:45:25 +0000

Absolutely amazing last night in clitheroe. Thank you!!! I didn't want the concert to end. Can't wait for the next time I can see you.


(2338) Rachel
Sun, 6 February 2011 23:21:49 +0000

Thank you LCGC for such an inspirational evening at The Grand in Clitheroe.

Singing to 'This little light of mine', was an experience :lol:

Your god given talents are a blessing to us all.

Hope to have you back in the North soon. Any chance of a northern based LCGC? Would love to join:) Rachel x

(2337) Natalie
Sun, 6 February 2011 14:25:53 +0000

thanks for a great night at St Georges daughters school won the comp too...your all very talented and we had a great evening!!..xx :-)X

(2336) Phil Yeadon
Sun, 6 February 2011 10:12:20 +0000

Just wanted to say a big thank you for an amazing night, last night at St George's Hall. Our choir had an experience they'll never forget. The workshop on Friday with the fantastic Howard and Gemma really set them up for a performance on Saturday and singing on stage with you guys was the icing on the cake.
Much love to all.
Phil Yeadon
St Johns CE Primary School, Bierley, Bradford.

(2335) Danielle
Sun, 6 February 2011 09:29:55 +0000

:V) Hello gemma and howard - thank you for a lovely time and teaching us oh happy day i don't mind that we came second but i'm still happy for being in the final :-// thanks again xxx danielle

(2334) Lucy from st johns
Sat, 5 February 2011 12:11:47 +0000

you are probably going to sing with st johns primary school on saturday at st georges hall on the 5th February :-)X :-)X :-)X

Sat, 5 February 2011 08:16:00 +0000


(2332) Megan hillas
Fri, 4 February 2011 23:54:32 +0000


this message is pointed out to the amazing Gemma and Howard for being the most wonderful workshop leaders ever they were so kind and they had the most beautiful singing ever i really enjoyed my day so a round of applause to Gemma and Howard :-)X you was the best and made us have the best experience and you made St Johns School sing happy days fantastic thank you

(2331) Andaleeb
Fri, 4 February 2011 18:08:14 +0000

dear Gemma you are the best singer I ever HEARD


Andaleeb in clayton ce chior

(2330) Chloe
Fri, 4 February 2011 17:49:01 +0000

london community gospel choir you are great at singing :-

(2329) St johns c of e primary school
Fri, 4 February 2011 17:07:29 +0000

thanks loved the workshop :V) it was a fantastic experience !! and keeping our fingers crossed :-// nervous about tomorrow . wish us good luck . thanks again for everything hope we preform with u and the choir :-)X SMILE and have a good time . enjoy 8) keep your cool
From everyone in st johns primary and the teachers THANKS :lol:

(2328) Abigail
Fri, 4 February 2011 16:09:41 +0000

:-D thanks for Gemma and Howard teaching St Johns CE Primary School because they were amazing. I love your singing and we are thankful for all your work. thanks xxx

(2327) Elisha
Fri, 4 February 2011 16:07:10 +0000

:-D i loved the workshop today and we will win! from clayton c of e primary school

(2326) Lucy
Fri, 4 February 2011 15:58:45 +0000

hi howard and gemma i am from st johns primary school the one who taught us oh happy days you both have really good voices st johns are going to win the choirs at st georges hall :-)X :-)X :-)X

(2325) Year 5
Fri, 4 February 2011 12:22:25 +0000

hi loved the workshop so much ta gemma and howard see you on saturday. :V) :V) :lol: :; 8-O 8) :? :-D :) :-)X

(2324) Amira
Fri, 4 February 2011 12:10:57 +0000

it was good at the workshop at St.Georges Hall with Gemma and Howard. thanks byeeeeeeeeeee :-D :lol: :; :mdr: :-)X

(2323) Victoria
Wed, 2 February 2011 18:14:48 +0000

Hello LCGC,

I just want to say a big thank you to the choir and musicians that made it to the Christmas concert in Winchester, Hampshire in December 2010. I was on my feet most of the night because you sang so beautifully. I was truly inspired after chatting with some choir especially Monica who was so lovely. She even offered to give our choir in Southampton a free tester lesson. Could this be arranged? Thank you in advance. Victoria

(2322) Ray and Lana Walker
Fri, 28 January 2011 18:29:51 +0000

:x :-)X
To Basil, Phillipa and everyone who made our 'Experience' day so wonderful - a big thank you for sharing your talents and story with us. We felt very welcomed by the choir and were thrilled to join in with them and have a great sing!
Thank you again!
Lana and Ray xo

(2321) Trueman Zwane
Wed, 26 January 2011 10:30:02 +0000

If I'm not mistaken, it was you guys who sang with Luther Vandross in Royal Albert Hall somewhere in 1994 (as per Luther Vandross's Always and Forever Album)

If its you, that was AWESOME man!. If I were to raise I would have..and let you sing with him again..again..again and again. Your choir was so energic in that perfomance. Please visit South Africa we would love to see your perfomance live. The day I go to London I will make sure that I dont come back without going to one of your perfomances.

(2320) Esmar
Sat, 15 January 2011 22:00:39 +0000

hi :V)

(2319) Laura,Katie and Flick
Sun, 9 January 2011 20:47:34 +0000

WE just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to school, you were amazing tonight and rachel :V) l(we think she is called) and the drummer we FANTASTIC!!! :lol: you were all incredible. Hope to see you again soon. lots of love your best fan Laura Katie and flick!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
:) :-D :? 8) :V) :x :lol: 8-O :; :oops: :mdr: :-)X :-//

(2318) Inmaculada
Wed, 5 January 2011 00:26:01 +0000


(2317) ANNEITA
Fri, 31 December 2010 20:32:36 +0000

Congratulations on bringing so much JOY to the Megaro Mousikis(Athens Concert Hall)..A wonderful concert last Tuesday 28-12-10.

Absolutely delightful.. Many thanks..
All best wishes for 2011 to All lCGC artists..
Kali Chronia-Happy New Year with many Blessings..

(2316) Dimitra
Thu, 30 December 2010 20:01:35 +0000

I was in Athens Concert Hall on Monday and had the most amazing experience of live event ever! It was great, thank you for coming to Greece, hope to see you again!!!

(2315) Rachel Matsa
Wed, 29 December 2010 09:06:39 +0000

I saw the concert in Athens and it was amazing,congratulations to all of you.Happy New year with lots of health love,and joy and music in your life.
I hope to see you again

(2314) Αnastasia
Tue, 28 December 2010 13:17:13 +0000

I was at the first concert you gave in Athens and it was truly amazing! It was my first time listening to live gospel music and I was fascinated by the remarkable voices and all the positive vibes sent out. By the end I could feel emotions of happiness rushing through my body!! Thanks so much for this beautiful experience!! :-D

Tue, 28 December 2010 11:55:52 +0000


(2312) Emily
Tue, 28 December 2010 10:52:38 +0000

I joined at 27.12.2010 at your concert and it was really amazing. Hope to see you soon.I'm definitely buying your album. :-D
Yall have amazing voices.


(2311) Maria le du
Tue, 28 December 2010 10:23:47 +0000

Watched you in Athens last night and had a wonderful time. Thank you! It was my ten year old son's first gospel concert and he said he really liked it. As he is someone who normally "doesn't like music with words in it" that is praise indeed. It was a wonderful, uplifting experience at a time when I needed it. Thank you all!

(2310) Nikos v.
Tue, 28 December 2010 09:52:11 +0000

You achieved to fill a huge theater during our devostating economic crisis. You achieved to make the audience stand up, sing and dance in a venue that this very rarely happens. You achieved to pass your positive energy and hope. My kids kept singing "Amen" hours later before they fell asleep. That was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

(2309) Dinos
Tue, 28 December 2010 07:22:08 +0000

I've been yesterday (27/12/2010) @ the Athens Music Hall and I had one of my greatest times!!! :-)X
You made the difference there!
Simply AA (Awesome-Amazing) :-// :-//

(2308) Dims
Mon, 27 December 2010 23:21:20 +0000

Great to see you at the Athens Concert Hall. It was a lively and inspiring performance. Merry Xmas!

(2307) Gerry
Mon, 27 December 2010 23:13:28 +0000

I attended your concert in Athens tonight with my guys brought the building down!!! congratulations! and greeks are not used to this kind of you did a really great job!! Hope I see you again soon...

(2306) Joanna
Mon, 27 December 2010 23:12:29 +0000

:-)X I just loved you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy that you visited greece!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to your next concert here in athens (hope)...Congratulations once again!!!!!!!! :-//

(2305) Paul Reeves
Fri, 24 December 2010 22:17:55 +0000

I heard the interview with Bazil Meade on the BBC just a few minutes.I have never heard of your choir.Your director said that the choir has never toured the major islands of the Caribbean like Jamaica.You need to retail your music in Jamaica to boost your profile in this country.I don't know of anyone in Jamaica who is familiar with your choir.Your profile can be raised in Jamaica.

(2304) Dawn
Fri, 24 December 2010 09:23:01 +0000

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All at LCGC .... Look forward to seeing you all again next year ... Stay Blessed .. Dawn .. CCGC xxx

(2303) Patrick
Thu, 23 December 2010 21:42:28 +0000

I really enjoyed you guys performing at Hornchurch Queens theatre 20th dec, such amazing talent and great ambassadors of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Thank you and God bless. Happy Christmas!!!

(2302) Paul Bargery
Thu, 23 December 2010 19:33:06 +0000

It was great meeting you on the train back from Sheffield! Hope that you have finally found out the real story behind the 'herbal essences'! Paul

(2301) Kate
Thu, 23 December 2010 16:51:30 +0000

A friend bought me a ticket to see you last night at the Jazz Cafe for my Christmas present-I can 100% say that it's the best Christmas present I've ever had-you were amazing! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

(2300) Chris
Thu, 23 December 2010 10:59:40 +0000

Attended your Christmas concert at the Jazz Cafe on 22nd Dec and I was blown away with the passion and power of the performance Truly inspirational in a time where people need something to uplift them. Thank you

(2299) Stella
Tue, 21 December 2010 19:02:38 +0000

Great concert at Hornchurch yesterday :-)X . You really made my day guys!!! It was heavenly, enriching and fun!!!

(2298) Solo
Wed, 15 December 2010 09:54:13 +0000


(2297) Zak Taylor
Tue, 14 December 2010 17:32:42 +0000

The choir was amazing in hereford!! couldnt of done anythin better ! :) Looking forward to seeing you again! Hopefully you'll come back to hereford! Thank you all that were there, you guys are amazing, i hope you touch lives of many others like you have mine. :-D

(2296) Steve
Mon, 13 December 2010 12:13:08 +0000

Saw you in Winchester Family Church a couple of nights ago. An excellent fun time dancing and singing along! Thank you all very much.

(2295) Hannah Williams
Mon, 13 December 2010 11:33:51 +0000

I brought a bunch of my Gospel Choir from the University of Winchester down to see you at Winchester Family Church on Friday and we were all truly inspired.
The energy you all capture on stage is awesome and the last note of the show is still ringing through my ears.
I love what you do so....keep doing it!!!!!!
Absolutely wonderful! :V)

(2294) Ana
Mon, 13 December 2010 10:50:41 +0000

Fantastic!!! I would thoroughly enjoyed the concert at Winchester Family church! Sigining was amazing, music was funky. Crowd participation was excellent! Would definitly see you again and would / have recommend you to friends & family.

(2293) Sarah
Sat, 11 December 2010 18:51:47 +0000

Saw you last night and it was amazing!! A great evening, very entertaining, thank you. :)

(2292) Neelam Kalyan
Sat, 11 December 2010 15:28:16 +0000

Hi I was at Brickhill church last night :)... Just wanted to say I love the choir and love the music!.. I think it is great that God is using you to help others know about the gospel!.. God bless you all...Hope you can come again soon

(2291) Mim
Sat, 11 December 2010 12:29:16 +0000

Thank you for fab, interactive fun evening! You guys are amazing :) :-D

(2290) IJG
Sat, 11 December 2010 11:38:17 +0000

Fantastic night at Aylestone School last Saturday. Such a blessing, may God continue to bless you all as you continue to bless so many people.

(2289) Sharon
Sat, 11 December 2010 10:10:46 +0000

:? Saw you guys in Winchester last night - awesome! Even my mum, who is disabled, was up dancing and singing. You rock!

(2288) Tony
Sat, 11 December 2010 10:09:56 +0000

You guys were great last night. Loved your musicianship (especially the piano player) and enthusiasm.

(2287) Jessy
Sat, 11 December 2010 09:55:46 +0000

AMAZING NIGHT :) thank you very much, and come back again! :-)X

(2286) Lindsey
Sat, 11 December 2010 09:30:21 +0000

:-D :-)X We loved it, thanks for entertaining us and giving us such a fun evening. You rock!

(2285) Emmie
Sat, 11 December 2010 08:28:59 +0000

To the best singers in the world, :-)X
Thank you so much for coming to my church last night! It was amazing, I loved every song especially when we were stood up and dancing! Well done to all the solos they were fab! :V) :; I know that my friends enjoyed it to and we loved 'swing low' me and my friend used to do that song at our old school, I enjoyed doing it again in a different way.
Merry Christmas, also have a happy new year!
xxxxx :-D xxxxx 8) xxxx :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X

(2284) Nicola
Sat, 11 December 2010 08:28:49 +0000

Brilliant! Thanks for bringing the party to Winchester last night. Went straight home and downloaded 'Glorious'. Keep up the fantastic work and Happy Birthday, Travis! :-D

(2283) Angela
Sat, 11 December 2010 08:05:59 +0000

Fantastic evening! Wonderful voices, wonderful songs! Will look forward to hearing you again if you return to Winchester. Thank you for making the evening SO enjoyable!

(2282) Ricky
Sat, 11 December 2010 00:10:36 +0000

thank you for coming and sharing such great music and passion with us at Brickhill Baptist Church Bedford.

(2281) Steph
Fri, 10 December 2010 23:28:46 +0000

I just got back from seeing you at Winchester Family Church and I have to say you guys are phenomenal! There was only a small contingent but still, the sound was incredible! My favourite songs were: Down by the riverside/ This little light of mine, and your acapella piece was beautiful. I'll definately be coming to see you perform at Jazz Café for my birthday on the 22nd!! =)

(2280) Cand
Fri, 10 December 2010 23:05:07 +0000

Thank you for coming to Winchester. Friends, old and new came and I was most glad to bring my eldest son, who , at ten years old, has not experienced Gospel voices! He loved it. You are a very special group of people. You brought warmth. Thank you.

(2279) Beth Price
Fri, 10 December 2010 18:36:48 +0000

h LCGC especally howard and ash i am missing you all please come back next year it was a great performance from your no.1 fan Beth :V) :-)X :-// 8) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(2278) Matt
Wed, 8 December 2010 21:26:22 +0000

Thanks for a great concert last night. It was great to see and then meet such a fantastic drummer, cheers Leonn! 8)

(2277) Jon
Wed, 8 December 2010 17:00:30 +0000

Wow- what a show!
I loved every minute
It's so uplifting

(2276) Amanda
Wed, 8 December 2010 16:00:08 +0000

Thankyou so much for such an inspiring day last Sunday. Firstly the workshop with Callington Com Gos Choir, and then the evening concert in Plymouth Guidhall. I have been singing 'Rejoice rejoice' all week! A truly uplifting and energising experience. Please come again soon.

(2275) Maura :-)
Wed, 8 December 2010 15:18:17 +0000

was it you on x-factor with rebbeca furguson? because if it was you were really good. :mdr:

(2274) Fiona
Wed, 8 December 2010 10:08:29 +0000

Thank you for coming to Oxford and bringing a foretaste of Heaven with you. Truly uplifting and wonderful!

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