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(173) Ashley
Fri, 11 August 2006 16:06:21 +0000


Your photo is absolutely amazing and you look wonderful!

Keep on spreading the word of God using the gift of song He has given you! May you touch the hearts of all the young people who need God in lives!

Moenie dat enigiemand jou droom wegvat of vernietig nie! Only you live your life, not other people! Make the best of it! Ongelukkig was jy nie by die Fruitstock Festival nie! You guys ROCKED at the Fruitstock Festival and I really enjoyed it. When Heather sang "Something inside so strong" the whole crowd went silent and suddenly people realised what it was about and all errupted in joy! Not because of what happened, but that whe have made a decision to stand up and rise above our circumstances!

Keep well!

CU :-D :-D

Luv, Ash

(172) Jonathon
Fri, 11 August 2006 11:26:43 +0000

I was able to pick up a copy of the album Man Within from tape and record exchange a few days a go. Like a few who have already emailed, I saw it on a photo / review website which had photos of the LCGC gig at Pizza On The Park recently. The track Weather The Storm is amazing. Never heard it before, but am so pleased to have seen it!

(171) Kemi
Fri, 11 August 2006 07:52:48 +0000

:-)X :-// :V) :-D

(170) Em
Thu, 10 August 2006 20:48:26 +0000

:-// Such a big well done at the swansea convention this yr such an amazing blessing to all who were there to watch and join in with you all keep it all up God Bless xxxx

(169) Sam
Thu, 10 August 2006 14:03:38 +0000

Where can we get the album Man Within. I see this album on michaelvalentinestudio. I have asked them, but they do not know?


(168) Brian
Thu, 10 August 2006 05:55:18 +0000

Keep up the good work!!! And good luck in Holland this Year. May God bless you all!!

Bye Brian

(167) John
Tue, 8 August 2006 20:24:33 +0000

I am lloking for an album I saw on a website which had your photographs from a Pizza On The Park gig. The album is called colors of LCGC? Great photo's sounds like a good gig!

(166) Norman
Tue, 8 August 2006 10:55:28 +0000

Hi, I happened to watch your recording of the 21st Anniversary Concert with Studio One, and I loved it. May God bless you all. I have also noted that you have a Ugandan in the choir, Sheilla Katumwa. LCGC, Keep doing that which God started in you, and May a humble spirit be with you that God May lift you higher and higher.

(165) Ninerak
Mon, 7 August 2006 17:00:40 +0000

I'd love to join a gospel choir again (who, how powerful ... and gentle...) - do you know of an amateur / semi-professional choir anywhere in London / Greater London?

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks!

(164) Anon.
Mon, 7 August 2006 01:44:13 +0000

:-D u guys were excellent at swansea convention, it was very entertaining & such a blessing to see you perform. Everybody was talking about it for the rest of the week & was everybodies highlight!!!!
keep doin what you do!!!!!!

(163) Rob Roy
Sun, 6 August 2006 20:58:04 +0000

You guys rocked at Fruitstock today. Thanks for a wonderful set - the highlight of the day.

(162) Alice
Sat, 5 August 2006 09:29:40 +0000

I love the London Community Gospel choir! Last year i watched them at the Elgiva theatre in Chesham and i enjoyed it so much i am going to see them again this year in September at the Elgiva in Chesham! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

(161) Terry
Sat, 29 July 2006 11:21:52 +0000

Thanks for coming down to sing for us last night - it was truly uplifting! I shall remember you all in my prayers. Praise the Lord for LCGC and your ministry!

(160) Mkay
Wed, 26 July 2006 14:06:28 +0000

Hi I am from Zambia, wow you guys are great i watched you and listened to ur sweet voices on TV and was so moved during the July 7/7 memorial bombings ure so wonderful and i would love to be a part of u when I am in London. :V)

(159) Da'rrell L. Belton
Tue, 25 July 2006 21:26:06 +0000

Hello my name is Da'rrell L. Belton: I was wondering if you can give me any suggestions or leads on how to become a back up vocalist. My Email:

I am a 2nd Tenor with 3 octaves.

I would really appreciate any information that can be helpfull.

(158) Margaret
Mon, 24 July 2006 12:05:02 +0000

It was such a joy to be at the millenium park, Blackmore on Sunday 23/07/06. The singing was inspirational, a wonderful way to worship the Lord.

(157) St Peters Catholic Primary School
Fri, 21 July 2006 16:32:07 +0000

Dear Bazil, Annette and TJ!
Thank you so much for coming to our school and teaching us SO many songs in such a short time. :-D We had the best fun and REALLY enjoyed it all. We sang "This Little Light of Mine" with the whole school the next day too. Our Head Teacher said it was so good, we can invite you back next year so we are looking forward to that. THANKS AGAIN!! and Keep up the good work. May God Bless you all in the wonderful work you do. With fondest wishes from the Junior Music Group and Choir of St Peters School. :lol:

(156) Laura
Wed, 19 July 2006 16:12:47 +0000

Hello Bazil! When you came to my school (st peters catholic primary school, Billericay) you helped to teach me new songs. You were great! Also, thank-you to TJ and Annette for helping too. THANK-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(155) Bethany
Tue, 18 July 2006 15:59:39 +0000

hey just to say that bazil and two other people vistited our school today and it was fab it was a workshop . and our school is called stpeters catholic primary school in billericay. i want to say thank you :-D

(154) Susannah
Mon, 17 July 2006 00:00:12 +0000

Heya, plz tell Chi Chi that Susannah, Alishas friend, says hi if possible! Thank you. :-D
I'd love :V) to do the workshop but its too expensive for me!

(153) Louisa
Sat, 15 July 2006 22:17:15 +0000

I was invited to the LCGC Workshop Choir Concert on the 14th July 06 and I had a fantastic time, this was the first time I have ever attended a Gospel concert and I couldn't believe how beautiful the voices were, I was up on my feet, joining in with the singing and dancing when the opportunity came up. All I can say is that you have set a very high standard, and thank you very much for a lovely night :-)X

(152) Fi
Sat, 15 July 2006 20:23:39 +0000

well.. im simply signing in to say that you guys are a wonderful inspiration to the world as a whole and that if you ever think about opening a junior choir ill b there first inline at your auditions email me please if u consider. carry on being an good influence on the world, you've got my heart. thank you. fi xxx

(151) Faridaly
Sat, 15 July 2006 08:11:53 +0000

:-)X :lol: Woweeeeeeeeee!!!!! Saw LCGC perform last night at the LCGC Workshop Choir's concert. You were FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, INSPIRATIONAL! And what great workshop choirs. Unbelievable. We were blown away by the quality of the singing and the accomplishment of the students. We will certainly be recommending the workshops to ALL OUR friends. Really well done ALL!! xx :V)

(150) Alessandra
Thu, 13 July 2006 10:03:42 +0000

Many thanks for the emotions You give me yesterday night with You concert in "La Villetta" in Milan.
I like very much gospel music but unfortunatelly I don't have a wonderful voice like yours so I prefer only listen to You.
This one is the first concert for me and so I would like to thank You very much...great great great emotions! :-)X
When You come back in Milan???? I'm waiting for You!

(149) Modz
Thu, 13 July 2006 09:15:56 +0000

Hi i juSs wana thank our heavenly father 4 this opportunity!!! itZ such a pleasure that every1 can communicate by internet and none of this is possible without him amen.

haY im mollie im 18 and i was so amazed at your recording concert dat was held at abbey road!!! i watched it on shine t.v and it helped my spiritual life, all praise is to him because he has given such beautiful talents and gifts to such people that put it in good use which is exactly why i was so touched, Well i hope all goes well for your guys path keep shinning his light and keep impacting throughout the community and around the world may god bless you's and may he continue to do so. Jah bleSs much Luv moDz.. :lol:

(148) Sarah Stow
Mon, 10 July 2006 11:36:36 +0000

I want to thank you for the moving performance at the memorial concert to mark 7/7. I was a survivor of Tavistock Square. I was moved to tears your performance. I was wondering if you have or were planning to record the track Something inside so strong? I found myself singing 'I'm gonna do it anyway' in my head whilst in one of my many panics on the bus this morning and it got me through it - THANK YOU! xx

Mon, 10 July 2006 08:47:46 +0000

Hi there Bazil

I finally got the chance to contact you again. I am the tech.manager at our local radio station RADIO WEST COAST 92.3FM. I understand that you've got a lady in your choir with the name SUNETTE RABIE. If she is in the choir please send my regards to her. I will definitley make contact with you again. As I said I am with a community radio station and we play music for the comm. Gospel music is a big part of our gendre that we play. What is the chance of us playing your music. I will appreciate it if you can consider it.

(146) LuLoFka
Sat, 8 July 2006 21:36:00 +0000

Ayo Oyerinde ... =* Camp Meeting - Osiek 2005 :-)X We Love You Ayo :V) :V)

(145) Bisi
Sat, 8 July 2006 18:32:24 +0000

is it possible 4 the lcgc to sing at our schools 30th anniversary on 20/7/06 a number of musicians are invited but i want to spread the gospel thru ur choir's wonderful singing.
if possible plz let me know e-mail is

(144) Dave evans
Sat, 8 July 2006 18:21:01 +0000

I too was very moved by the london community gospel choir at the remembrance service and would also love to be able to buy 'something inside so strong'...when are they coming to Manchester?

(143) Janet
Sat, 8 July 2006 05:29:10 +0000

can anyone tell me if i can buy something inside so strong as a single i think it should be released and part of the monies could be donated to the victims of the 7/7 bombings it was by far the best version i have ever heard, when i heard it yesterday i was moved to tears

(142) Lisa Gibbons
Fri, 7 July 2006 22:30:36 +0000

Hello to the best gospel singers ever, i would like to take this opportunity to thank Travis Cole 8) and five of the most fantastic singers ever for attending our wedding on saturday 17th June. We had the best day of our lives and you played a huge part in that. The songs we chose were sung absolutely beautiful, it was so emotional :cry: . we were so glad to have had the opportunity to have your choir at our wedding and intend to keep in touch with them. :-//
Many Thanks Again, From Lisa & Martin Gibbons x x x x x x

(141) Dan fuller
Sat, 1 July 2006 19:29:01 +0000

Hey london gospel choir im 1 of the kids from feltonfleet school (u know the one in cobham) im greenbeens friend any way thanx for coming u were awsome i love the music and im tellin all my friends about it outside of skl and bcz of ur visit i think alot more people have started to beleive in lord jesus and god :-) thanx so much :-// im so pleased WOOOOOO COM'N SING WITH ME NOW

thanx so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(140) Mikos
Sat, 1 July 2006 11:56:08 +0000

hello all of you.
I am coming to study in London from September this year and I would love to sing in a black gospel choir. Would you be so kind as to tell me what choirs I could attend? You obviously are a quality choir and have good connections.
My dream is to be a composing performer who knows how to manage the business side too. This is why I am coming to study Music Industry Management at the ESE. I have sung in 2 classical choirs in Holland singing mostly baroque music. I am a tenor. My last concert was the Passion of St. John by Bach, in which I had 2 small solo parts. I sang this with the CHN University Choir in Leeuwarden. I also attended what is now called Theater Opleiding Selma Susanna in Amsterdam; this is a school for performing arts. I followed a preparatory year there; this included singing, dancing, writing and acting/improvisation. Furthermore, I play the piano (5 years of classical training), guitar and have taken singing lessons. And so I have not sung in a black gospel choir before, but I believe my heart is at home in it. I need to be singing in that kind of openness and freedom. I am an energetic and passionate person, that lives for Jesus Christ. I have no knowledge really of London life as far as black gospel life is concerned and so I hope you can find the time and willingness to take this desire of mine nearer to reality. Awaiting your response: love and blessings to you, mikos
p.s. what would it take for someone to sing with your choir?

(139) Willie Cullens
Wed, 28 June 2006 20:04:22 +0000

hello my name is Min...of music Willie Culland and i am from Georgia. I just have one Question. How much would you all charge to come sing in Georgia?

Min... of Music
Willie R. Cullens III

(138) Greenbeans
Wed, 28 June 2006 14:57:28 +0000

thank you for comin to our school :-//
You guys rocked
you made me really like gospel music

(137) M Smith
Sat, 24 June 2006 11:15:44 +0000

Saw you in Glasgow last night - absolutely superb. Brightened up my week! All the best.

(136) Melanie
Fri, 23 June 2006 20:36:02 +0000

Thanks for getting me up to sing! It will always be one of my life's most memorable moments! What a fantastic night - you will have to come back... I think by the time everyone who saw you all tells everyone about how uplifted they now feel, you'd best arrange to do a few dates! Bazil, thanks for taking the time to come and talk to us after the show. It was lovely to meet you. My cheeks still ache from smiling! Take care and God bless you all. x.

(135) PD
Fri, 23 June 2006 18:15:33 +0000

Hi, trying to find out when the LCGC will be in Scotland, hope to see you soon.

(134) Catherine
Fri, 23 June 2006 13:24:15 +0000

Hello to all of you exeptionally talented people! I just have to say how amazing i thought you were last night at the gala theatre. Truly phenomenal! I had a fantatsic night, really enjoyed myself! The performance was worth every penny...and more! Superb! I would love to be able to sing like that! I was lost for words when i tried to decribe how good you were to my family! I cant wait to get married now so that i can have you perform at my wedding, it would be sensational! It was an honour to watch and join in with your performance and i wish you every success in the future!

(133) Julie, Christine and Gran Flo
Fri, 23 June 2006 08:48:04 +0000

Hiya all
Went to see you last night in Durham Gala. What a night. We all loved it. Cant wait to get married now to have the number one gospel singers joining us. Wont be for a good year though. Told of my friends and family how great you were. Never thought When the Saints come marching in could make you cry. What a night. Still on a buzz from it. Take Care and cant wait to see you all again. Thank You. :-)X

(132) Rebekah
Thu, 22 June 2006 22:10:42 +0000

oh my goodness! hello. i have just been to see you tonight in Durham Gala Theatre, and i just thught id let you know i thought you were actually fantastic! i dont no how to describe you to my friends! thank you so much for the pleasure of coming to watch you. it really was phonomonal!!!

(131) Louise Corker
Thu, 22 June 2006 22:00:23 +0000

I came to see your show tonight in Durham with my mam and I thought it was amazing. I really enjoyed it. I thought everyone was amazing at singing. I am only 12 and would like to be in a Gospel Choir when I am older you have inspired me so much!
Keep working hard
God bless...... :-D :lol: :-)X :-//

(130) Jean & Ron
Thu, 22 June 2006 21:45:50 +0000

Saw your show tonight at the Gala Theatre. We had a great time.
Hope to see you again soon.

(129) Girshie
Tue, 13 June 2006 16:58:26 +0000

:-)X heather girl we're there with you in the spirit. Keep doing what you guys are called for. Vryburg AFM Church South Africa never stops praying for you and the choir..

God Bless.......

(128) Kgosi
Tue, 13 June 2006 09:31:38 +0000

I love LCGC

(127) Leyla
Tue, 13 June 2006 06:34:57 +0000

Hi. nice site,
look is so you
Thanks to webmaster, for great job,

(126) Bento Odorico
Mon, 12 June 2006 10:22:08 +0000

:-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :) Hi i?m From Maputo Mozambique . i like your choir and your songs i?m just waiting for you guys in Mozambique. GOD BLESS YOU INDID. :V) :V)

(125) Helen Marvy Madu
Fri, 9 June 2006 16:48:57 +0000

I am really blessed by your various ministrations. I want to you say, you guys keep doin d good work of the Lord. I will love to be a member of the lcgc, the issue is am a Nigerian residing here. How can I make it? Hope to read from you soon.

(124) Aaron Garcia
Wed, 7 June 2006 12:41:01 +0000

:-D Outstanding, Very professional, hardworking, Very talented, the LCGC group sang at my wedding with such enthusiasm and feeling.

My thanks goes to them for making my special day so blessed by God.



(123) Bev Schellen
Tue, 6 June 2006 08:49:55 +0000

:) Tonight on Channel 140, I heard and saw the LCGC singing a song, which I found absolutely moving and tremendously spiritual and deep in meaning. It really touched my heart, and I just loved the rhythm and beat of the music, and the voices were awe-inspiring! I don't know what the name of the song was, but the opening words were "Say it loud, say it clear...."! Does anyone know who the lead male singer was, and the name of the song, please?

(122) Pedro
Sat, 3 June 2006 14:58:50 +0000

Hi guys, love your ministry - never give up ! :-)X :mdr: :-)X . Any chances to get me Basil's contact !? or a representative?

(121) Isaac
Fri, 2 June 2006 10:16:40 +0000

I just wanna thank God for your life.keep the fire burning

(120) Lukasz Kowalski
Wed, 31 May 2006 20:45:39 +0000

You are great!!!! :-// I have loved gospel music for many years. But when I was at your concert in Hereford in UK, I just couldn't believe that it can sound so beutiful!!!! Thank you for these lovely sounds and your testimony!!!

(119) Stefania from Peter's Gospel Choir
Wed, 31 May 2006 16:46:50 +0000

We met at Venice Gospel are simply great!!
I'm from the Peter's Gospel Choir and I want to thank you,and particularly Bazil, for the support and the love you gave us. I really hope you all to come to Naples!!We are waiting for you!! :-)X
To BAZIL: you made me a promise....don't forget it :-D
I thank you so much,you've done for me and for my chorus so much better than you can imagine!!
Love and kisses to you all!
God bless you!!

(118) Annalisa
Wed, 31 May 2006 16:20:07 +0000

I attended your workshop during the Venezia Gospel Festival. Wonderful!!!!!! I hope to meet you the next year yet. Thank you very, very, very much. With love

(117) Shantle
Wed, 31 May 2006 12:41:12 +0000

jus had 2 say
dis choirs reli slick keep up da gd work al of ya'll

(116) Alvise
Tue, 30 May 2006 15:49:21 +0000

Outstanding, just this! We had the blessing of having your talent here in Venice for the Gospel Festival, and we are thankful to God who sent you here! I need to thank you all for lending us your voices and for sharing with us your gift, the gift of music. We will never forget that! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
I will see you soon!
God bless y'all!

(115) Marina
Tue, 30 May 2006 14:11:37 +0000

thank you very much for all you have made in Venice , for singing, for your workshop ... all very very exciting :lol: :-)X :-//

(114) Emanuele (Ema)
Sun, 28 May 2006 21:48:07 +0000

I only wanted to say that your voices are fantastic, and when you came here to Venice for our second Gospel Festival, I learned a lot of things that could be useful for my voice. I'm so happy to have met you, and I hope to see you again. God bless you all. See ya! :;


(113) Mrs Claire Garcia
Tue, 23 May 2006 17:05:37 +0000

We had some of the guys from the LGC sing at our wedding service.. WOW! I could cry with happiness every time i watch our wedding video... You were simply amazing, what heavnly voices and fantastic outreach. Our friends still mention you, and its been nearly 2years now. The best surprize present a girl could have.. my dreams came true.

Thankyou and may God bless you richly,

from the woman with the Lily wedding dress and the ice-creams x

(112) Grace Capewell
Sun, 21 May 2006 13:34:53 +0000

:-// :-)X :V)

(111) Mjay:D
Sat, 20 May 2006 15:24:44 +0000

Hi there ! The first thing i would like to say is that you are the "CREM de la CREM" in gospel singing! truly amazing!

The second thing i would like to say is; this summer is a huge international festival in Aarhus in Denmark.( YMCA-festival) Many thousand of youths will come here for about a week to share their gospel music in a united fellowship with God and each other. Many youths will travel with their choir to preform or listen to others. I think this is something that LCGC should check out! Since you are such great rolemodels for many of this youths, it would have been really cool if you could have joined in some way or another :)

i hope that you will read what i have written and just give it a second thought!

keep up the great work, and i hope i will see you somehow soon!

(110) Andy
Fri, 19 May 2006 17:21:20 +0000

Outstanding performance last night in Stafford. Enjoyed it thoroughly!!! Such a mature and talented sound from only 10 voices and a piano! I look forward to seeing you with the full band in Harrogate International Centre on Sat 14th October. Thanks again.

(109) Lea
Fri, 19 May 2006 14:18:32 +0000

Fantastic concert at Braintree - and you have turned my daughter into a huge fan of Gospel music. I want to bring my junior church group to see you - will you be appearing in our area again in the near future? :-)X :-//

(108) Sue
Fri, 19 May 2006 08:59:30 +0000

I notice you are offering workshops to churches. How soon could this be arranged please? And what would be the cost?

(107) Danzion
Wed, 17 May 2006 00:10:41 +0000

:-)X :-)X Keep Spreading the GOSPEL LCGC through ur beatiful voices :-)X :-)X ps I had 2 buy da Live8 dvds ur singing blew me away....madonna who??? :-)X :-)X

(106) Becky
Sat, 13 May 2006 17:51:57 +0000

You are all great your concert was awesome! You are all excellent. Give yourselves a big clap. You all have worked harded and deserve it. Keep it up!!!

(105) Debs
Fri, 12 May 2006 22:21:10 +0000

Just wanted to say how much my daughter and I enjoyed your concert tonight in Hertford. You are all great singers. Even though we hadn't heard a lot of the numbers before, we loved being able to stand, clap and sing along with you. My personal favourites were "Lean on Me" and "Bread of Heaven" - brilliant :-)X

(104) Carla
Mon, 8 May 2006 20:17:42 +0000

To my sister angenita keep up the good work my best wishes to you all.

(103) Celia
Mon, 8 May 2006 12:38:41 +0000

:lol: :-)X

Enjoyed the concert at Braintree on Saturday 6th May very much.
Everyone a brilliant singer in their own right. Look forward to hearing more in the future.

(102) Jayne Gardner
Mon, 8 May 2006 09:05:56 +0000

Myself and 5 friends went to your concert at Christ Church on Saturday evening.
I just wanted to write to say how very, very, very much we all enjoyed it ? you had us rocking in our seats!
You have surely been blessed with those beautiful voices. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for a great evening.

(101) Gilbert
Mon, 8 May 2006 08:37:31 +0000

Really blessed by concert at Braintree on Saturday. Keep on praising.

(100) Ketchuphead
Sun, 7 May 2006 20:05:26 +0000

:) i saw this choir and they totally rock! i wanna be a singer like that when im older i reckon they should sing on the x factor or somthing because they could become really famous!

(99) Nkiru
Sun, 7 May 2006 17:42:10 +0000


(98) Carol
Sun, 7 May 2006 14:38:46 +0000

Your concert in Braintree last night was absolutely amazing. Thanks so much.

(97) Kristian
Sun, 7 May 2006 12:51:38 +0000

Went to Christ Church, Braintree last night. Had an incredibly AMAZING time. Everyone was so great - it was so fun dancing and singing. Thank you so much

:-)X :-)X

(96) June
Sat, 6 May 2006 21:30:40 +0000

I have just got back from one of your concerts at Christ Church , Braintree. I had an absolutely wonderful time and felt uplifted. Thank you so very much.

(95) KRIS
Sat, 6 May 2006 13:54:47 +0000


(94) Mike
Sat, 6 May 2006 13:13:53 +0000

Oh what a show ! Bravo ! :-)X
Nice to see you this time over here in Paris :lol:
Last year I saw you on TV at the Live8 concert with Madonna singing Like A Prayer (so great) and Music.
Last night, you did it well again, malking the audience singing and dancing :-// Your band and choir really make the people come together ! :V)
Hope to see you once again not too far in the future over here in France.
Thanks again xxx Mike :mdr: :V)

(93) Cynthia
Sat, 6 May 2006 11:09:51 +0000

:V) sooooo wonderful!!!!!! that's all i can say!!!! i saw you yesterday at la foire de paris, i almost couldn't help my eyes from crying!!!!! i was sooo surprised and so happy it was a really good show and i long for the day i'll be able to see you all in London :-D
long life your choir and continue to give us such pleasure!!!!!! :-//

(92) Hanecam
Mon, 1 May 2006 18:48:37 +0000

Thank you for an unforgetable evening in olavshallen last wednesday :-D :-)X

You are fantastic, the way you included the audience and your passion on the stage :V) we love you!!
H?kon wonders if you could sign the dvd he just bought on your web. page? :lol: hope to see you again soon :mdr: Love H?kon,Camilla and Anette :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X


(91) Sandie
Mon, 1 May 2006 15:11:33 +0000

Your work has been most appreciated for the past 10 years. Powerful and voices that revive our souls. We thank you so much. Keep on doing what you love most, "singing" :-// There is no need to wish you luck, luck is already on your side. Youe performance in East London was awesome and I hope that you shall be visiting the Eastern Cape very soon. Lots of love for each and evry member. To Lindelani, I worship the ground you work on!!!!!

(90) Hugh Richard, Chief Executive, The Royal
Thu, 27 April 2006 10:33:42 +0000


On behalf of the Royal Anniversary Trust I would like to thank you for your help and assistance at the Guildhall reception which was much appreciated. LCGC's involvement made a ver real contribution to the success of the evening and drew very many comments of warm approval from our guests.

I would too wsh LCGC every success in the future. We did enjoy working with you all.

With very many thanks,

Hugh Richard

(89) Anna
Thu, 27 April 2006 09:35:21 +0000

I notice you are singing in Braintree soon. Please can you advise how we can get tickets for this concert. Thanks! :lol:

(88) Hanna
Wed, 26 April 2006 22:15:13 +0000

Hi there! I just came home after being on your concert in Olavshallen!
and I almost don't know what to was the best I have ever heard! Totally amazing! The energy and spirit and your voices! WOW!! :-// I was, by the way, one of the five crazy people in front at the end..! :lol: We were so glad to get to talk to you guys afterwards!!
I really hope we'll see and hear you again soon!! You were all fantastic!! Thank you!! Love Hanna :;

(87) Summer Andrews
Wed, 26 April 2006 16:05:28 +0000

HAAYYY!!!Great Website. Glad to know that you are still working and siniging for the Lord. Stay blessed and in His will. Lots of love Summers xx :)

(86) Toto
Wed, 26 April 2006 10:57:54 +0000

Dear all of you. Thank you for an amazing concert in Oslo! It was a incredible experience. I have never been to a concert like this - I do hope that other gospel choirs in Norway go to your concerts to learn how it should be done! I hope that I will be able to go to your concert again. Thank you all :-//

(85) Alise
Wed, 26 April 2006 09:15:38 +0000

Thanks a lot for an amazing concert in Molde!! :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X I had a great time, and you all gave us a great performance and a lot of joy from the stage! God bless you!

(84) Hege-Beate
Tue, 25 April 2006 22:50:53 +0000

:-)X :-// :V)
your concert tonight was fabulous!!
Cant remember the last time i felt so happy and well. You all do a fantastic job for the lord!
And you sing like angels :-)X

(83) Yale
Tue, 25 April 2006 12:52:18 +0000

hi!!!!!!! :lol: oh my gosh!!! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! lol! But seriously, not only did I love your english ( :V) british-english forever :V) ) but you were awesome last night! I kept on dancing when I got home! me and my three friends had the best time. Thank you for making my day brighter! Thank you jesus! god bless. (and that south african guy had a magnificent voice!) :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X :-// :-// :V) :V) :V) :mdr: :mdr: You all had fantastic voices, i`m sure your parents are proud! :; Promise me that it wont be long til you come to Oslo again! . god bless

(82) Rikki
Tue, 25 April 2006 11:29:08 +0000

:V) Woooow!!!
I was at your concert in Oslo last night with my dad.. And your guys were AWESOME :-)X Every single one of you have amazing voces.. I have never heard anything like that.. I sat there, singing along to the words i knew with tears in my eyes.. I was really hoping you would sing O Happy Day, 'cause I love that song=D I bought your CD as well.. Thank you for an incredible night with you :-//

(81) Maso
Tue, 25 April 2006 10:38:10 +0000

You were AWESOME yesterday! :-)X I really loved it :-D Me and my 3 friends were dancing and singing along with you at the top of the place were the audience sat, felt like we were the only ones who did that (i guess we were too!=P) I bought your cd, live in london, it's really good. Wish I could sing like you guys!! :V) :V) :V) :-)X :-)X :-)X :-// :-// :-//

(80) E.A.G
Tue, 25 April 2006 07:40:16 +0000

i came to hear and watch you sing and dance last night at the oslo concert hall.... you have left me totally uplifted and wanting more...i am listening to your cd 'the force behind the power' right now and i feel very blessed. Please come back to Oslo once more and again and again....God bless you and your heavenly voices!!

(79) Josh Cridge
Mon, 24 April 2006 08:25:52 +0000

Your music uplifts me as I continue my charity work in Banjakari. It makes me feel so good.

(78) Harry Taggart
Sun, 23 April 2006 09:57:43 +0000

I had the absolute pleasure of being in the audience to watch a fantastic performance by LCGC, as part of the Greenock Orangefield Baptist Church 200 year anniversary celebrations.

The choir literally took away the breath of everyone watching, bringing an energy that has rarely been witnessed in Greenock, leaving every single audience members smiling at the sheer musical spectacle which was a genuine treat to be a part of as an audience member.

These highly talented performers actually make you feel they are singing for you, and generate a warm and inviting atmosphere to be enjoyed and remembered by anyone who is lucky enough to catch their performances.

The phenomenal accompanying music lifted the dizzyingly marvelous vocals to a greater level, and I will look forward to the chance of hearing the LCGC again in the future, if I am so lucky.

Thanks for a great night guys,

Harry Taggart

(77) Mimi
Fri, 21 April 2006 02:03:00 +0000

great music... stay Blessed!!

(76) Laura Wakefield
Thu, 20 April 2006 11:43:39 +0000

:-)X Saw you at Broxbourne Civic Centre and you were brilliant.
Excellent night out! Will be coming back.

(75) Bernie
Wed, 19 April 2006 09:10:20 +0000

Thanks for the great experience in the concert in Graz. :-)X
We were sitting just beside you on the stage and we could easily feel the emotions you had, singing all these wonderfull songs.
Keep on groovin?!

(74) Simone
Tue, 18 April 2006 07:19:55 +0000

Thanks for giving a concert in Graz! It's been a delightful evening! I deeply hope that you will come again! :-//

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