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(573) Sophie
Sat, 5 May 2007 08:31:56 +0000

you was good in the choir, i was there and my friends, take care over all the people, love sophie

(572) Gareth Richards
Sat, 5 May 2007 08:09:28 +0000

Thanks for a truly inspirational concert last Thursday in Swansea. My wife, Sue and I, have been singing your praises ever since. Please come back to Swansea as soon as your diary allows. The choir are a testament that faith and a love of music can conquer many of the bad things that exist within parts of our society today. I have never exerienced a 'live' gospel choir will not be the last!! I hope your future concerts go well and look after yourselves. See you all soon

(571) Andrew & Monika
Fri, 4 May 2007 19:48:52 +0000

Went to see the choir in Swansea on the 3/5/07. Fantastic, spectacular and inspirational! What amazing voices . We are not christians but hold strong christian values. Thank you so much for a spectacular evening; you blew our minds. You Rock. Cant wait to see you again. Love. :V)
Andrew & Monika

(570) Angela Corfield
Fri, 4 May 2007 09:56:09 +0000

Thank you for a most wonderful evening in Swansea last night. You are all truely blessed with a wonderful gift and I know that you will reach many people through the wonderful songs you sing.

I hope you do head down the M4 to join us again, I look forward to it.

God Bless

(569) Hannah Norris
Fri, 4 May 2007 09:32:45 +0000

Thank you for the concert last night. I really enjoyed it. It was the first time I've seen a gospel choir live and I was blown away by the voices. It was also nice to think that I was dancing among so many Christians. I am 20 years old and a Youth Leader in my local chapel and I am hoping to get the youth to come and see you when you're next in Swansea. I'll also remember you all in my prayers and I hope you all are well x

(568) Steve Douglas
Fri, 4 May 2007 09:04:21 +0000

Saw you guys on Tuesday in London at St Gabriels Cricklewood. Wonderful and also inspiring 'OUR CHANGE WILL COME!'

Thanks everyone we'll see you again.

(567) Clive corfield
Fri, 4 May 2007 08:30:36 +0000

:-)X Thanks fore a fantastic evening in swansea last night Icame out of the show glowing GOD BLESS CLIVE.

(566) JP
Thu, 3 May 2007 22:17:06 +0000

Thanks for your visit tonight. That was a power shower of harmony! It was all good, but I was just amazed by the soloists.
You all sing with your hands and that means you believe what you sing.
See you next time,

(565) Kathryn
Thu, 3 May 2007 22:11:50 +0000

:-)X Just returned home after a fabulous concert at The Grand Theatre in Swansea.

Your music and your words lifted my spirit. It was so wonderful to see fellow Christians worshipping the Lord - and MEANING it.

You have such amazing talent. Wish i could have got up there with you.
Thank you so much for travelling all this way to share this wonderful experience with us. Keep it up, though your hearts may be heavy laiden know that one concert can uplift and help so many lost souls. I hope that your concert tonight brought for new birth with Gods help.

As you said tonight Jesus, thats what we call him!

Let hope other call out to him also.
Lots of Love and God Bless.

I will remember all of you in my prayers.

until we meet again - God willing.

Kathryn xxx

(564) Member of St Gabriels church
Thu, 3 May 2007 10:39:25 +0000

I was viewing your member page and realised a few of the singers that came to sing and bless us where not on the mebers list.
Is there a reason for that? Examples are Chi chi and Adetoun to name a few.

(563) Sinmi
Wed, 2 May 2007 20:38:33 +0000

Thanks for coming to St. Gabriels. I'm sure everyone loved your performance. I hope to see you again soon. :)

(562) Sarah
Wed, 2 May 2007 15:34:01 +0000

New to London and saw your performance last nigth at St Gabriel's. Was some amazing harmonys and unique voices. Was very glad to catch you while i am here. May even attend one of your workshops if im game to try and sing with voices like that. Brilliant performance :-)X Hope to see it again before returning home. :-//

(561) Yinka
Wed, 2 May 2007 09:25:42 +0000

Wow! What a great time we had last night at St Gabriels Cricklewood.
We were truely blessed to have you all out singing beautifully to the glory of God.
We pray the annointing on you all overflows onto our lives at St G's as we worship and praise the name of the Lord.
Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.
The little boy was adorable and has some serious moves. :) I see a servant of God in the making.
God bless and enrich y'all in every area of your lives.

(560) Kerri
Tue, 1 May 2007 22:06:52 +0000

just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant performance tonight at St Gabriels I loved it :V) from Kerri xx

(559) Farrah
Tue, 1 May 2007 22:04:54 +0000

Thank you so much for the concert at St Gabriels Church - may God bless you and cover you with the Blood of Jesus everywhere you go. Thank you for praising His Holy name all over the world and letting the world know that He is Jehovah Elohim!

(558) Colin & wanjiru
Sun, 29 April 2007 19:55:58 +0000

Seen you guys today at the crown church. Amazing fantastic the best keep up the good work

(557) Andreas
Thu, 26 April 2007 20:55:59 +0000

I love your choir! Hope you could make it to Finland and Helsinki some day! *anticipating*

(556) Goran
Thu, 26 April 2007 18:03:46 +0000

Hello, LCGC, we wait for you at Kristfest festival in Osijek, Saturday 19-05-2007.
God bless :-D

(555) Mark C
Wed, 25 April 2007 12:05:58 +0000

I went to the concert at the wolsey Theatre it was verry good and me and my Mum enjoyed our selves verry much. I hope that you will come back to Ipswich again
with love
in Jesus

(554) Helen (MOM Hot Gospel)
Mon, 23 April 2007 21:40:07 +0000


I felt I must comment on the other helen from Hull' input.
I know from various contacts with local professional sound engineers that the accoustics in Hull City Hall are a nightmare and very diificult to engineer. Those who frequently have the job of organising major events sound requirements tell us so.

I think under the circumstances you sounded brilliant. Please dont be discouraged we could hear you just fine you must come back again God Bless yall

(553) Helen
Mon, 23 April 2007 11:25:23 +0000

Thanks for coming to Hull. But - we were so disappointed that we couldn't appreciate your beautiful voices because the amplification was too loud. Beauty was annihilated by volume. Please visit again and let us hear your voices as they truly are - no microphones, and the instruments in balance with the singers

(552) Jenni
Mon, 23 April 2007 09:53:51 +0000

:-)X Thankyou all so much for a spectacular and unforgettable evening!

We (Hot Gospel) had a fantastic time, I'm sure it showed!! You filled the room with His spirit - it was quite a space to fill but love and energy infected us all! :V)

Can't wait for next time! Thankyou once again and God bless you all. :-//

(551) MOM of Hot Gospel (Helen Garnett)
Sun, 22 April 2007 19:06:42 +0000

My dear fellow gospel friends,Thank you so much for a fantastic concert. My choir and I were blown away with your amazing gift of song. I have to thankyou also so much for giving our choir a mention ,,it is such a help in raising awareness of our choir we have 3 people coming to audition on thusday taking us up to 20 singers and 4piece band Thanks to you Bazil.

Bazil I really cannot thank you enough for letting me sing with the LCGC. It was a dream come true for me I kept asking my friends to pinch me it felt like a dream. i hope someday to come to one of your workshops maybe when my children are a little older. My children came to the concert and are still buzzing about how much they enjoyed it. Hopefully future Gospel choir members.

Bazil you are such an amazing inspiration to me and the choir and for many others without you and LCGC our choir wouldnt have known where to start.

The joy that Hot Gospel feel when we praise and worship God through this amazing music is like nothing else. The honor of being His instrument is unparralled so I give thanks to God for the LCGC for helping us get there. God Bless you all and may your Minstry be an inspiration for many more like us.

Please let us know when you are coming to Hull again we will be there on the front row again and if youre ever up in Yorkshire anytime please come and see us you are more than welcome God Bless you all and much love hope to see you all again very soon :-)X :-//

(550) Theresa Lambert
Fri, 20 April 2007 22:21:01 +0000

I've just returned from your concert in Hull, and you were fantastic!!! I feel totally uplifted and inspired to pray harder and sing louder!!! I'm sure the Lord will have heard you this evening and will have sent you his love God bless you all.

(549) Amalia
Fri, 20 April 2007 13:38:46 +0000

:) thanks a lot LCGC..i will make sure im coming to the concert. Palau de la M?sica is a great choice. Art and great sound...i've sing there. I sing in classical makes human free..thanks for your voices..See u soon!!

(548) Godlove Benyah
Wed, 18 April 2007 10:43:47 +0000

Good day,
i have heard about the great and mighty things the Lord is doing through your choir.

my name is Godlove, and a ghanaian christian gospel singer.

i want to sincerely join your group so that i can enrich on my Gods given talent.
i will count on your usual co-operation. God richly bless you.

(547) Lesley
Mon, 16 April 2007 10:55:20 +0000

Thank you for such a spirit filled evening. Thank you for picking me from your audience and giving me the privilege to sing a whole song! Thank you that my husband, who is not a Christian, was able to feel the spirit of God moving in him and filling him with joy. Thank you that my friend and fellow singer in Truth Not Rumours, Chris, was picked to sing....this was a God Instance...which are always the best. Thank God for the gifts, talents and opportunities he has given you all...Bless each one of you and keep you safe in his work. Love - Lesley - Proverbs Chapter 3, v. 5-6

(546) Keely
Sun, 15 April 2007 08:34:17 +0000

Saw you at The Castle last night - it was the most awesome and uplifting night I have had and I simply can't wait until you come back again. Thank you!

(545) Eamlink
Sat, 14 April 2007 22:24:17 +0000

Attended your concert at the Castle this evening. Excelent job. Really uplifting and just what i needed.

Thank you and God Bless

(544) Diane
Sat, 14 April 2007 22:04:59 +0000

Just been to the Castle in Wellingborough. Well done, you were spot on. We really enjoyed the concert, please - more, more, more

(543) Marie
Sat, 14 April 2007 11:06:13 +0000

Are you performing at the Jazz Cafe this Christmas please because you are not showing on their booking list yet?

(542) Amalia
Thu, 12 April 2007 19:17:53 +0000

hey LCGC!! just wondering if you all going to make a tour in spain..specially if u going to sing somewhere in Barcelona :-D ..i cant wait to hear ur the way..u still can visit barcelona..its a great city hihih 8) ..God Bless you all!

(541) Jude
Sat, 7 April 2007 13:31:56 +0000

:-D Love your CD "Out of many - one voice" as does my 3month old son. he gets really excited and kicks his feet!! Hope to bring him to one of your concerts when he is older!!

(540) Simmi
Thu, 5 April 2007 21:07:47 +0000

Hey I am 14 and I saw your concert last nite with my parents and nan. was brilliant !! i would love to come and see you guys again. So glad I came as it cheers me up no end !! everyone has such a fun spirit and put everything into singing ! FANTASTIC!

(539) Jake
Thu, 5 April 2007 20:13:43 +0000

A great concert as always last night keep up the good work. But for next time I think that Ipswich can cope with the full band. Hope to see the whole band again sometime soon. Jake :)

(538) Dilly
Thu, 5 April 2007 10:11:12 +0000

Enjoyed your concert last evening, please come back soon. Most uplifting.

(537) Sian
Thu, 5 April 2007 09:42:50 +0000

I came to see you last night, at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich and what can i say apart from how uplifting your music was, it was thought provoking, and most of all a joy to listen to. You should be very proud in what you do, and the next time you return to Ipswich I shall be sure to come along. Enjoy the rest of your tour!

(536) Dave
Thu, 5 April 2007 05:57:48 +0000

Went to the conecrt last night and it was fabulous - THIS is praise music!!

(535) Sharon jennings
Wed, 4 April 2007 23:06:08 +0000

:saw you tonight in ipswich just just fab and so uplifting thank you for a great evening

(534) Tina
Wed, 4 April 2007 21:53:51 +0000

:-)X just saw your concert in ipswich FANTASTIC THANKS VERY MUCH

Wed, 4 April 2007 06:28:52 +0000

:cry: My family and myself would like to exspress our sadness at the cancelations of your concert at leeds town hall.My 83 year old nana was really looking forward to hearing and seeing and enjoying an evening full of uplifting gospel music.Its not a"HAPPY DAY"

(532) Emmanuel Trichord
Tue, 3 April 2007 14:09:13 +0000

Your programme at the British Council Hall was and still is a blessing to me and my church.

My prayer is, "You'll be enabled to come back to Ghana as soon as applicable.

God bless you all.

(531) Jamie
Sun, 1 April 2007 16:59:43 +0000

About 8-10 years ago there was a program on Channel 4 entitled 'A Black Christmas' which featured various Gospel artists including the LCGC. It was an incredible performance and I would love to watch this again. Does anyone know where I could get a copy?

(530) Edemafi gunu
Fri, 30 March 2007 15:43:39 +0000

congrats lcgc. you guys are really great.

(529) Quophie Oppong
Fri, 30 March 2007 15:12:12 +0000

I was at the workshop on monday at the British council n all I can say is GOD BLESS U GUYZ BIG TYM. looking forward to your concert in Ghana :V) :-)X

(528) Naomi
Fri, 30 March 2007 12:05:13 +0000

hi lcgc,
:V) thank you for such an amazing time at shrewsbury music hall on the 22nd March '07! My favourite songs were Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Amazing Grace & Oh Happy Day. I hope you are having a good time in Ghana. I can't wait to come and see you again. Tell the blonde lad that came down to shrewsbury called jon that i still love him and i always will!

(527) Smallest
Thu, 29 March 2007 10:55:49 +0000

hi lcgc,
I attended your workshop at British council Yesterday and I must confess that I was really blessed. I love the way you guys sing.I couldnt describe it to my choir cos it was something else and if this that was just a fraction of the choir then I wonder what the whole choir will be like.thanks alot and I wish u will go to my chruch the next time u are in Ghana.May God lift even above this that I have u all

(526) Michael Anaman
Thu, 29 March 2007 09:53:56 +0000

hi, I was at the seminar at the British Council yesterday and I must say I was very pleased and really blessed. I hope you could get me some materials to help gospel music in my church to move to a different height to glorify the name of our Lord.

(525) Gavin Treen
Tue, 27 March 2007 12:43:15 +0000

Dear Bazil,

Thankyou for your concert at the Shrewsbury Town Hall on Thursday 22 march 2007. I rocked in the front row ( as you said) i hope your ghana trip went well. the music and show you gave helped me gain some inspiration as my girlfriend Amy who i dearly love travels abroad to Australia shortly and my life is likely to feel empty without her. so for that i thank you, and hope to hear or see you soon, kind regards, Gavin

(524) Lil Lily!
Sun, 25 March 2007 20:35:10 +0000

Thankyou so much for coming to Guildford and singing at the Cathedral for us! We were blown away! I had such a wonderful night, and yes I was dancing, clapping and praising at the back!

We were blessed to have you perform, moved to tears when Amazing Grace and Kumbaya were sung, and uplifted when we left! Thankyou so so much!
x x x

(523) Marie, Essex
Sun, 25 March 2007 18:39:09 +0000

Just heard really interesting programme on Radio 3 with Bazil Meade. The choir sounded just fab. Maybe you should put a link on your website to the Radio 3 site so others could listen to it! Keep up the good work Bazil. Brilliant job!

Sat, 24 March 2007 20:53:11 +0000


(521) Andrew & Laura
Sat, 24 March 2007 18:08:38 +0000

Hello LCGC!!

Just a note to say THANK YOU for a great night on Thursday 22/03 at Shrewsbury Music Hall, Shropshire!!

We had a fab night! Would also like to say a big thanks for coming back on stage even though you had such a busy day to follow!

Hope all goes well at Ghana - thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Thanks again

Andrew and Laura x

(520) Jess
Fri, 23 March 2007 21:18:21 +0000

hello! my name is Jess. I would just like to say i went to shewsbury music hall to see you on 22nd march, and you were all absolutley fantastic!!! i really want to get one of your CD's sometime soon. so i can learn some of your songs. i enjoyed singing with you all! hopefully i will come 2 watch you some ware else!! x x x x

(519) Dave ashworth
Fri, 23 March 2007 16:57:58 +0000

hi guys, saw your show at Shrewsbury last night, what an uplifting and wonderful night.
you are beautiful souls, singing beautiful, music with a beautiful message to us all.
hope that you all have joy and happiness in all your lives.

(518) Emma
Fri, 23 March 2007 13:05:31 +0000

Dear All,
Thank you so much for bringing your energy, music and soul to our small Shropshire town last night. You have left us all with some beautiful memories. I hope that you will return to our part of the world some day. Have a safe journey to Ghana

(517) Stephen Cassidy
Fri, 23 March 2007 11:35:58 +0000

I have been to many concerts in my time and I must say that last night in Shrewsbury was an absolute pleasure. One of the best. I am listening to my CD now and I have never heard such beutiful voices. You were all great and I can't wait to see you again. Thank you.

(516) Rozzy
Fri, 23 March 2007 09:33:27 +0000

thankyou to all at the gospel choir who went to shrewsbury music hall on march 22nd 2007 we throughly enjoyed you again. my 2 daughters loved it my son enjoyed himself even though he fell asleep half way . he woke up at the end for oh happy days. we would like to wish you good luck in ghana and hope to see you soon where ever it may be.

(515) Angie
Fri, 23 March 2007 07:59:51 +0000

I am just writing to thank you for the wonderful evening I had at your concert in Shrewsbury last night. I have been feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders recently but thanks to your inspirational performance, I was worry free for an whole evening. it was just what i needed. As I looked around the room to see everyone dancing and singing, I also realised that there were several hundred other people in Shrewsbury that night without a care in the world. So thank you for bringin that to us. I work in a special needs school for children from the ages of 2 to 5. Many of them do not have any language but music really touches them. I was wondering if you had ever worked in a similar setting before or whether you would be able to tailor a package for us? It would also be useful to have an idea of how much you charge. I just know the children would love to hear you. Again, thank you for a wonderful evening and I wish you a safe and successful journey to Ghana. Best wishes, Angela Denton xx

(514) Donald echols
Thu, 22 March 2007 01:18:42 +0000

dear the london community gospel choir
my name is donald echols, i have one of your cd's in the car
love donald echols
please write back
god bless

(513) Sophia
Wed, 21 March 2007 11:34:05 +0000

wooo!!! you people were so great at downe house the other night... i had a fab time!!! and enjoyed singing with you!!
thanks!!! :-D

(512) Thea
Tue, 20 March 2007 16:25:28 +0000

hey everyone
i loved sunday night
especially wendi!And also gemma!
i was in the second to front row and i was wearing the downehouse hoodie i thought you were inspiring and i am hoping to join you when i am older i loved the shackles song and the lean on me song . i also liked all the other songs and the actions the chariot!
luv u all
cx x x xx x x x x x x xx :V) :-)X :-// :V) :lol:

Tue, 20 March 2007 14:09:19 +0000

i love wendi.
i love gemma.
i love bevin.
i love jon.
i love all the others- but you weren't AS memorable....
Wendi is So awesome- you rock my world gal XXXX

(510) Laura
Mon, 19 March 2007 19:20:04 +0000

hello, i loved your singing yesterday! every one's singing the songs you taught us now!

(509) Alice Hanson
Mon, 19 March 2007 17:29:34 +0000

you where very good!! i had great fun learning some of your songs!!
hope to see you again some time!!

(508) Hazza
Mon, 19 March 2007 15:40:03 +0000

Hello, i just want to say thank you so much for the concert at Downe House last night it was incredible - i can't get the words out my head , this morning i work up singing "take the shackles off my feet so i can dance i just want praise you i just want praise you" hand movements and all. I am praying for yo all on the road
Lots of love x x x x x x

(507) Olympia and imo
Mon, 19 March 2007 10:29:07 +0000

hi guys!
we are from the school downe house where you came to perform.
We would just like to say how amazing your singing was and that it was the best chapel service ever! wendi, junior, jon, bevin, simone, bazil, gemma.................and everyone, was amazing!
good luck with your future performances,
love olympia and imo♥ xoxo

(506) Lucy and katy
Sun, 18 March 2007 21:27:11 +0000

I absolutely love you guys!!!!! just came to our school to take a service and thought you were great!! especially BEVIN!!!!!! tjae, bazil, simone and ennis l and anyone else we missed out!!!! i am only 16 but i will hire you for my wedding....(with Bevin) god bless xxxxxxxxx

(505) Lotz♥
Sun, 18 March 2007 20:14:50 +0000

You guys were amazing !!

please please come back sometime soon ...
we support you all the way :-)X

♥ you all -- X

(504) Ebony
Sat, 17 March 2007 08:29:59 +0000

I saw y'all in Milfield Theatre, and y'all were SOOOOOOOOO good, I Loved that performance; the best part was, I was sitting at the front =D...

(503) T-jay
Fri, 16 March 2007 19:25:04 +0000

I've just got your 21 years dvd n watched it straightaway. I had a chance to meet Ayo and Vernetta in Poland at Osiek Gospel Workshops in 2005. It was an amazing experience to work with both of them. Your music heals broken hearts, it fixed mine as well. Now, full of hope and joy, I'm waiting for your concert in Leeds on 5th of May. Can't wait! God bless you and take care!

(502) Jan59
Thu, 15 March 2007 20:39:15 +0000

Saw you for the first time in 2006 at the Elgiva in Chesham, look forward to seeing you again in Sept 2007.


(501) Zhjil-bairre
Thu, 15 March 2007 10:22:28 +0000

you people are da bombe!

(500) Jamie
Wed, 14 March 2007 17:04:42 +0000

About 8-10 years ago there was a program on Channel 4 entitled 'A Black Christmas' which featured various Gospel artists including the LCGC. It was an incredible performance and I would love to watch this again. Does anyone know where I could get a copy?

(499) Taje
Tue, 6 March 2007 18:23:10 +0000

Wow, ya'll came to our skul quite a while bac! but cnt stop sayin u'r performance was absolutely amazing!!! it shook up da whole of this DRY ass dorking area!!! i'm so happy to have met u guyz and actaully have a conversation with ya'll!!! sos we were a mad bunch, but it's wat ya'll do to us, u bring out da JOY!!! lol anyhooz juts had to drop a word or shld i say a few words!! hi ma housemate Ayo, lol and chichi and everyone continue to rock us 9ja's!!!! mtwah!!!

(498) Annie S
Tue, 6 March 2007 13:13:16 +0000

My husband and I saw you in Cheltenham two days ago and I would like to thank you for a fantastic two hours. Amazing Grace was just so beautiful and it's a song that reminds us of my husbands mum who passed away two years ago. Thank you for making it so special.

(497) Dino
Tue, 6 March 2007 11:45:34 +0000

I'm not sure what to do and who to ask...
I'm an experienced singer (grade 8) only 19yrs. Soooo enthusiastic about joining a Gospel choir!! I love everything about Gospel, its roots, its energy and its ability to make the most somber people shine and feel eleviated!
Anyway i'm looking for a choir to join and i realise you guys are maybe a bit out of my league as i dont have experience with singing gospel. However could you please help me find one or let me attend rehearsals? Thank you so much for your time! I hope you can help me..
Btw you guys sound INCREDIBLE !!

(496) Jelena
Sun, 4 March 2007 22:04:42 +0000

Hi there,

I just came back from your concert in Cheltenham and you were absolutely amazing.The best day in my life!!!Thank you so much!!You are brilliant!!I love Gospel and used to sing and listen to it since I was a small girl.I love to sing and would very much like to join some Gospel choir here in the UK.Can you help me in some way please.

Thanks in advance and all the bless you all..
xxx Jelena

(495) Rosalia
Sat, 3 March 2007 14:14:42 +0000

Hi guys !!! You were the best that happened to me in Andorra !! :-// I was in charge of your breakfast at the Park H. and it was great meeting you all. Not only you are great people, but your singing is AWESOME! :-)X
I really hope you can tour sometime in South America ! I wish I can hear you again, but this time not from backstage.... :-D
Keep singing like that! ...... your friend Rosalia

(494) Helen Yeomans
Fri, 2 March 2007 14:07:31 +0000

do you have to audition to join London Community Gospel Choir? Would love to know,

(493) Faye
Wed, 28 February 2007 17:38:22 +0000

:-)X I love your singing!I saw you because i was one of the schools.When Me and you sang, in the church near MCdonalds.In chatham! Hope to see you again!
Bye x

(492) Chris And Family
Tue, 27 February 2007 19:43:59 +0000

Our Non Christian Daughter paid for us as a Family to come and see you all at Enfiled, and what a Holy Spirit blessed night it was, my daughter enjoyed every minute of it, May God continue to bless you all for the magic you do in peoples lifes. God Bless you all. :V) :V)

(491) Rae
Tue, 27 February 2007 19:27:21 +0000

Woww..I was amazed when steph and roger cam to blenhiem high school and sang..they are both soo good..i think that if i come to 1 of your concerts, which i think my teacher is'll all be happy to be there..Loved it..thankz..God Bless You all

(490) Maggie
Mon, 26 February 2007 21:24:02 +0000

:-)X :V) :-D Thank YOU All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time i've been on Gospel concert , you are fantastic see you soon again, i hope :).

(489) CLARA
Mon, 26 February 2007 18:27:00 +0000


(488) Karin Milne
Mon, 26 February 2007 09:35:38 +0000

:-)X Your Singing Experience Day was wonderful :-)X
Well worth the trip from Scotland to meet such lovely people and take part in the outstanding rehearsals. I Hope you have some performances planned for Scotland in the near future. Kindest wishes to LCGC. Karin :-)

(487) Rev Paddy
Mon, 26 February 2007 00:32:09 +0000

Was at C/Hall Westminster for this evenings event.
Thank you so much for your dynamic witness in music, loved
it all.
Last Sat at Royal Opera House for Il Travatore and tonight something
completely different.
You were all great!!

(486) Abi
Sun, 25 February 2007 21:06:02 +0000

hey guys.
just thought id let you know. i recently became engaged. would be fantastic if you were able to make an appearance. IS there any chance at all? we are looking at october time
love to all

(485) Nat
Sun, 25 February 2007 17:58:21 +0000

am an upcomin chorister nd i ll like 2 be one of ur student nd fan nd i also want to learn more about pitch nc ll b of great advantage for me if u can be of help to me
. Thanks,wish to hear from u soon.

(484) Christine
Sun, 25 February 2007 15:43:09 +0000

thank you for a brilliant evening in Gillingham, my first experience of a gospel choir, you were brilliant.
thank you again, one and all

(483) Nikki Dutfield
Sun, 25 February 2007 09:58:16 +0000

A word of encouragement to you! Last night I went with family and friends to your concert at St Paul's church, Mill Hill. Of the front two rows, 5 of us knew the Lord Jesus, and we had brought others along who would never have stepped into church willingly!! Your gift of sharing the gospel of the good news of Jesus in such a powerful way really reached into the hearts of our family and friends. We had a fantastic time, and my 17 year old nephew, who is walking with the Lord was so encouraged by your words, especially about how dancing and clapping and singing are all worship to the Lord! God has given you all the gift of song and music as your ministry. I just wanted to encourage all in this powerful work. God bless you all, Your sister in Christ, Nikki :-)X

(482) Larena
Sun, 25 February 2007 09:04:18 +0000

Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful evening, you had the whole of the Millfield Theatre rocking. I'm sure everyone left the concert feeling uplifted. I love listening and watching you guys, you're such as inspiration. Can't wait to see you again later in the year keep singing.

(481) Chatham Salvation Army
Sat, 24 February 2007 13:54:16 +0000

Greetings from The Salvation Army at Chatham, Kent, UK. A number of our members were at your concert at the Emmaus Church Centre in Chatham yesterday evening and enjoyed it very much. We were particularly impressed that you found the time during the day to work with the school children and introduce them to gospel music and 'the gospel' itself. The two schools visited have a number of families who are included in The Salvation Army's local food and toy parcel distribution programme at Christmas time. If you would like to know more visit We will try to hear you all again when you visit Rochester Cathedral soon

(480) Amalia
Fri, 23 February 2007 23:24:13 +0000

music fills men's heart of freedom...i love music...i sing in a choir too here in barcelona..and you all touch each heart with those amazing voices ...thanks to let my emotions fly.... :-)X :)

(479) Anna (from Ridgewood)
Wed, 21 February 2007 17:56:00 +0000

Well how unbeleivably good are you guys :-D !! I came to see you at Wakefield on the 2nd February 2007 and wow 8-O how good are you lot. You may remember that night well as it was when my school. Ridgewood, got up on stage at the end to sing OH HAPPY DAY!:mdr: The first solo had me in tears:cry: all the rest had me on my feet dancing!! Just wanna say well done.. and even though im only 13 im planning on having you at my wedding!! you were breath-taking :-)X Well done and keep doing what you're doing!! Thankyou x x anna x x

(478) Beverley
Wed, 21 February 2007 12:37:30 +0000

How do you recruit your members as I am interested.



(477) Abbie
Mon, 19 February 2007 20:28:14 +0000

hello there,
i have sent what i wanted to send through in the post. should arrive hopefully pretty soon. hope you like it! get back to me when your not busy.
love to all

(476) Marie
Sun, 18 February 2007 15:29:49 +0000

Woweeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :-D Was at your gig in Woodford Green last night. What a wonderful evening. You surpassed all expectations and brought so much joy and pleasure to everyone present - as was evident when everyone stood up!! Bazil was especially dignified :-// in the way he compered the evening and a highlight was the song "We are the World". FABULOUS. Thank you to all the choir for giving up their personal time and turning out to support such a brilliant event. The Lord will truly bless you all. You looked and sounded stunning. Keep it up! :-)X

(475) Ivy
Fri, 16 February 2007 20:10:36 +0000

hi guys,
saw u twice when u came to dublin. since then i haven't heard about u coming back. :cry: if u r i ll be glad to do some pr for u. luving all that u do. :-)X

Wed, 14 February 2007 16:02:12 +0000



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