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(2473) Exodus Events
Fri, 23 September 2011 19:35:39 +0000

Hey Guys wanted to let you know about Dwayne Tryumf's Live Album Recording Concert on Nov 18th 2011 at ULU Malet Street which is set to be one of the biggest Gospel events of the year. You don't want to be the one who missed out on this epic moment! Come and be a part of history! We currently have a youth group ticket discount on the purchase of physical tickets - contact us for more info.

Click the link for official advert:

(2472) Grantly
Tue, 20 September 2011 11:29:52 +0000

Hey Bazil and the many members of LCGC.

Sorry I'm unable to attend the big day on Wednesday due to other commitments. I'm sure it is going to be one of those landmark occasions. All the best with the new book. I pray the Lord will continue to bless and keep you and your family.

Grantly - Radio personalty

(2471) Hayhoe
Sun, 18 September 2011 15:19:53 +0000

Saw you on Friday at the Elgiva though you were fantastic left the theatre feeling totally uplifted your enthusiasm and vitality showed through, look forward to your next visit. : : :)

(2470) Michał pach
Fri, 16 September 2011 13:30:25 +0000

Just watched your 'joyful, joyful' movie on YouTube you guys sound totally awesome.

(2469) Sheena jeffrey
Sat, 10 September 2011 21:46:15 +0000

Wow, have just seen the show at Weston super Mare Playhouse and am speechless. Words cannot describe how I feel after seeing the Choir perform. There was so much vitality, enthusiasm and faith on that stage. I was also lucky enough to win a day at a workshop with the choir and just cannot wait. Thank you everyone for making my night so special. The day of the workshop cannot come quickly enough. :-D

(2468) Alex swift
Fri, 9 September 2011 19:52:09 +0000

Me and my two friends came to watch the London Community Gospel Choir at Buxton this week after school. We really enjoyed it and took home with us lots of ideas for our next choir songs! There was an incredible energy within the singers that was passed onto the audience. The atmosphere was incredible, as well as the singing! We loved dancing along to the 'sweet chariot' song, and have taught it to all our friends at school :D I loved how interactive the show was and especially the keyboardists enthusiasm! Thankyou for an amazing night, Alex, Anna and Joan a xoxoxox

(2467) Warren
Wed, 7 September 2011 21:31:05 +0000

Had a wonderful night last night with LCGC at Buxton Opera House, thank you so much for an amazing concert and it was great :-)X to meet such lovely people afterwards on the CD stall - when are you guys coming back ?

(2466) Jeni
Wed, 7 September 2011 08:47:46 +0000

saw LCGC in Buxton, Derbyshire last night, brilliant & moving performance

(2465) Maureen Farmer
Sun, 4 September 2011 11:16:48 +0000

:-D Really enjoyed your performance at the Harbour Cafe in Whitstable on Bank Holiday Monday! Looking forward to seeing and hearing you again soon especially at Canterbury in December! From the Farmer family.

(2464) Sg
Tue, 30 August 2011 23:17:38 +0000

The London Gospel Choir came down and did a workshop at one of my sons schools. which of course he loved. and they did a stage show later including them. what they wouldnt (of course) have im a recovering alcoholic...ive tried very hard to stick to things and to the programme...and alcohol makes you very "hard" to feeling things...even if you want to. Through their voices..and their love for music and for enriching childrens lives..i watched...listened and learnt. id like to say that the outreach programme they run is beneficial for sooo many people. ...not just the young but people who think they have "seen it all". that one night...watching how they interact with my child and other children from the school and teaching them joy in music and in God has (honestly) changed my life. i have never felt that way for a long long time. through music and words and just outright "living it" i felt like i can get through the tough times.....thank you so much. i dont know who you are but you helped me and my children. (im just a single middle class mum of three) but you brought music and God into my life...bless my children as they already had it!!! but you helped me. thank you x

(2463) Maria Petrou
Tue, 30 August 2011 19:45:49 +0000

Went to Whitstable especially to see you - fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. I will check you out for any future concerts and please come to Whitstable again.
Maria :-//

(2462) Gary
Mon, 29 August 2011 17:24:20 +0000

Great afternoon in whitstable more to come hopefully

(2461) Hope for Tomorrow Music Ministy, Inc.
Tue, 23 August 2011 00:03:36 +0000

May God continue to bless your choir. We are a community choir in the USA. We pray that you will continue to grow. Please visit us at

(2460) Davina
Mon, 22 August 2011 17:56:48 +0000

My partner and i went to see your choir at the mercury theatre on saturday night, we had never been to see you before, we both found it not only entertaining with the fantastic singing, but also the words of wisdom that were spoken, were inspiring. A truley good and enlightening evening. We also thought the guest choir from witham was very good, and only been singing together two months! Very well done to you all xx :-)X

(2459) Liz and Bill Rhodes
Mon, 22 August 2011 15:46:45 +0000

:lol: Thank you very much to the choir for your superb show in Colchester Essex. You are all an inspiration. You made us really happy. Well done, come again to Colchester soon.

(2458) Val
Mon, 22 August 2011 10:40:42 +0000

Enjoyed Saturday night at Colchester.

(2457) Jade
Sun, 21 August 2011 20:38:05 +0000

:-D All i can say is wow! saw u all in colchester last night at the mercury theatre by the end of the 1st song i had goosebumps!!! we were very impressed by your amazing talent, especially my dad who says he can now tick 1 thing off his bucket list. my partner particularly liked 1 of the male singers at the front who had so much energy and we thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to you all x

(2456) Lindal
Sun, 21 August 2011 18:06:54 +0000

went to the mercury theatre on saturday night 20 th august me and my friend had a fantastic night :the singing was amazing really lifted my spirits thanks again for a brillant night hope you come back soon with love and lots of blessings linda xx :) :)

(2455) Valerie Wakefield
Sun, 21 August 2011 14:13:04 +0000

Hi everyone. I saw you for the very first time at Colchester yesterday evening and wanted to thank you one and all for such a wonderful performance. The singing was amazing, I loved the humour and energy and the spirituality - it was truly a lovely experience. Thank you and please keep on doing what you're doing. xx

(2454) Kim & Bob Hinson
Sun, 21 August 2011 14:09:41 +0000

Hi Everyone, we went to the Mercury theatre last night 20th August, to see you all and as usual you were amazing, we are big l.c.g.c fans we had an experience day with you 2 yrs ago it was awesome, at last night's show there were 2 new ladies introduced in the 2nd half, I cannot remember names, but the one lady sang a small bit of Amazing Grace she had a very powerful voice, it would have been nice to hear her sing the whole song, we took 2 friends 1 of who had never seen you, we all had a great evening, keep up the good work look forward to the next time take care love Kim & Bob xx

(2453) Lisa Wakefield
Sun, 21 August 2011 13:33:53 +0000

Thank you for an incredible evening. It's the first time I have seen the LCGC sing live. All my family enjoyed it and we came away feeling uplifted. Thank you for having us join you at the end for 'Oh happy day'. That was such a great experience for all of us who are part of Witham's Big Sing.
The evening was full of humour and warmth and we came home feeling having been part of something very special. Thanks again, Lisa xx

(2452) Richard
Sun, 21 August 2011 08:31:25 +0000

Thanks for the concert last night in Colchester but PLEASE TURN THE AMPLIFICATION DOWN!!!!. You have some really great singers; it's a shame to have their voices drowned out.

(2451) Stuart Wakefield
Sat, 20 August 2011 22:18:00 +0000

Hello all. I saw you tonight in Colchester and I have to say that you lifted a very heavy heart this evening. Thank you for your energy and for sharing your gifts with the rest of us this evening. God Smiled Down On Me was a highlight for me, as well as We Are The World. You all ROCK! Stu x

(2450) Sarah - Witham's Big Sing
Sat, 20 August 2011 22:06:43 +0000

WOW!!! :-)X :-)X
Just got back from seeing you guys perform at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. Best of all we got to join you on stage - have to say was one of the best experiences of my life. My mum, Chris (the naughty one as Bazil called her), especially loved the acapella number. Well done guys - thrilled to have been a part of the evening :-// :-//

(2449) Anthea Holland
Sat, 20 August 2011 22:06:26 +0000

Inspiring concert at Colchester tonight. Thank you so much.

(2448) Cristina
Wed, 17 August 2011 06:04:02 +0000

I have heard from my old church in Preston that there will be an event in Preston in September. There will be a gospel community choir concert and the audience get admitted only if they bring food for the needy. This seems an excellent idea to me. We live in Tenerife, but there is poverty behind the sunshine and people unemployed.

I'm doing research to see if we could set up a choir here and copy Preston. Any tips you could send would be so welcome. We would need a leader, it would seem we can download music and piano notes. I'm floating bread on the water and hope it works. Many thanks Cristina

(2447) John
Sun, 14 August 2011 11:16:24 +0000

Thank you Bazil , your words touched my very soul and gave me a new strength and hope

(2446) JOY
Sat, 13 August 2011 13:11:29 +0000

I love the songs you did Live at Abbey Street - They are very inspirational and touching. I have given my friends the CD to listen to and...they all love it.

Please send the lyrics of BACK IN THE FOLD, FAITH, MY SOUL SAYS YES, and SOMEDAY to my e-mail address. I need to know them to enable me flow along when I listen to the songs.


(2445) Sal
Wed, 3 August 2011 13:45:19 +0000

:-// I saw LCGC for the first time at Cadogan Hall in London on Friday 29th. I was blown away by the fabulous signing and had a wonderful evening.

Thank you LCGC.

(2444) Rosie
Tue, 2 August 2011 15:46:31 +0000

I came to the LCGC concert at Cadogan Hall on Friday and thought it was wonderful. I want to enquire about the Children's Choir. At FARM-Africa ( we are holding a Christmas Carol Service in the City in December and are looking for a children's choir to come along and sing a few Christmas carols/pieces. We have a choir to lead the singing and do some extra pieces but would really like to include a children's choir. Please contact me if this is a possiblility.

(2443) Denis
Mon, 1 August 2011 11:40:09 +0000

I saw the choir for the first time at Cadogan Hall last Friday. It was a great evening of powerful and inspirational music. The soloists were all fabulous and the singing, clapping and dancing along left me quite exhausted!

(2442) Zion
Thu, 28 July 2011 14:04:38 +0000

please send 'back in the fold' lyrics into my e-mail box. i love the song so much but i somehow struggle with the lyrics. please.

(2441) Lygorm
Wed, 27 July 2011 22:48:16 +0000

Hi guys, I have just arrived home after your concert in the Principal theatre of Maรณ and I would just like to say that you were awesome, I have enjoyed the concert so much and the comments heard from the audience as we were leaving were so fabulous, hope to see you again in the future..lyn

(2440) Frankie
Thu, 14 July 2011 08:24:54 +0000


(2439) Jaka.triglav
Wed, 13 July 2011 21:31:49 +0000

Could someone please tell me who is the singer in the video Joyful, joyful on 1:28 ( He seems to sing only in this of all the videos of the LCGC. Thank you for the information.

Kind regards any many more successful performances! You are simply AMAZING!!

(2438) Jenny Pickup
Tue, 12 July 2011 12:19:51 +0000

The gospel workshops in Aylesbury were tremendous fun and incredibly uplifting. Thanks Sabrina, Yomi, Abraham and Becky for being so supportive and encouraging. Please come back to Ayesbury again !!

(2437) Guido Herben
Tue, 12 July 2011 11:35:06 +0000

Last Friday you were in Maastricht.
I very much enjoyed your choir with and without the local choirs.
I bought your CD but missed the Beethoven's Fifth adaptation on it.
Do you also have that on CD?
Please let me know!

Thanks and hope to see you again in Maastricht or elsewhere.

(2436) Cla
Mon, 11 July 2011 13:13:55 +0000

Thanks so much for the wonderful night last Saturday in Silves Portugal :lol:
We sang, we danced, we enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks so much and please come back again.

(2435) Peter
Sun, 10 July 2011 18:16:10 +0000

It was a great performance in Maastricht last friday. A pity that it was too short.... come back again.

(2434) Monique
Sun, 10 July 2011 10:52:20 +0000

i want to say thanks for a perfect performence last friday in maastricht.
it was wonderful. i enjoyed it.

(2433) Steve Robinson
Sat, 9 July 2011 23:38:28 +0000

Had a great time in Camberley tonight. I went expecting a concert and instead found a church! More than just singing songs and having fun, it was a technically excellent performance that managed to encourage everyone in their faith.
On the way back we considered it the equal to shows like Mamma Mia for feel good fun.

(2432) Sarah & Paddy
Sat, 9 July 2011 23:28:59 +0000

We came to see your show this evening and we had an amazing time. It was a fantastic show and the audience participation was great- we really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch it, we will definitely be back to see another one.

(2431) Lorence
Sat, 9 July 2011 17:16:02 +0000

i was singen with vivas and i love it please please come back
:-)X :-)X

(2430) Stephanie
Sat, 9 July 2011 09:05:37 +0000


Yesterday singing us Choir with Lcgc it was very nice thank you
Greetz from Stephanie

(2429) Esther
Fri, 8 July 2011 21:51:56 +0000

You all were great :-D we had a great time thank you for that. I hope to hear you soon again. :;

(2428) Vita
Fri, 8 July 2011 21:08:22 +0000

was great seeing u guys toady, loved all the songs, I was one 4 nigerian girls (remember?) thanks once again for sharing ur gift with us all, and hope to see u again.

(2427) Andrea
Thu, 7 July 2011 08:07:16 +0000

Fab time watching you last night, and watching the Mandeville school choir, the children enjoyed your workshops and my children loved the performance, the songs, all of you and the whole experience. Thank you xx

(2426) Vicky
Wed, 6 July 2011 22:03:58 +0000

I'd just like to say thank you all so much who performed in Aylesbury tonight, you were amazing to say the least. A HUGEEEEEE thank you to Becky and Yomi who did our workshops, we couldn't have asked for anyone better. Your music really touched me tonight and I can't say thank you enough.
Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
Vicky Room x

(2425) HVA
Wed, 6 July 2011 16:45:52 +0000

We love your choir, and would want support and suggestions towards our forth comming concert.

(2424) Nicky Powell
Fri, 1 July 2011 14:43:40 +0000

I had the pleasure to see you perform at Glasto. I only have one word to describe your performance, that is breathtaking. I actually cried it was a truely special moment which I will never forget.I felt so uplifted & revitalised. I can't wait to see you perform again as I'm now a fan XX

(2423) Luke
Wed, 29 June 2011 11:28:46 +0000

A massive highlight of my Glastonbury weekend, thank you for an immense performance!

(2422) Mavis McIntosh
Mon, 27 June 2011 12:20:28 +0000

Dear Travis,

Thank you very much for your help towards St Michael's CE Primary School Fete.
It was a complete success.

The work you put in with our children was fantastic and the choir was thoroughly
enjoyed and appreciated by all who attended and especially by the children.

I would like to say once again many thanks for your help and time in enabling
the school to purchase essential items for our children's education.

Hope to see you again in the future.

Warmest regards,
Mavis McIntosh

(2421) Jamilah McIntosh
Sun, 26 June 2011 06:35:02 +0000

hey guys!
Ive always love you all since my mum Ethline joined the Choir years ago. You always have a part in my heart. :V)

(2420) Smoothtalker
Thu, 9 June 2011 10:30:19 +0000

Hello LCGC,

I'm a long-time UK fan simply registering his interest. More grease to your musical chords.


(2419) Helen Avraam
Thu, 12 May 2011 22:46:14 +0000

Thank you for coming once more in our beautiful Thessaloniki!!!
I enjoyed each moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! God bless you all. Love, Love, Loveโ€ฆ :V) :-)X :-//

(2418) Denice Sealy
Tue, 10 May 2011 10:17:35 +0000

All I can say is Praise God for 60 years!! I cannot believe your age. Looking real, real good! When I get older, I hope I look as young as you :lol:

Sorry I could not make Saturday but know you had a great time.

Denice xx

(2417) Santi Bosch
Wed, 4 May 2011 21:20:43 +0000

Hi Bazil. God bless you and all the members of the LCGC. Happy and bright birthday ! (((((( HUGS ))))))

(2416) Ann Jacobsson
Wed, 4 May 2011 20:28:59 +0000

Congratulations on your birthday dear Bazil. We met in Kristianstad, Sweden last year and Iยดm singing in Osterlen Gospel Choir.

(2415) Lorraine
Wed, 4 May 2011 19:33:43 +0000

WOW! Bazil - are you really 60? That's unbelievable... Sounds a bit corny, but I wouldn't have put your age anywhere near 50. How's that for a genuine compliment?
Looking forward to seeing you at one of your forthcoming workshops in the summer. And thank you for taking time out to have that coffee with me. (Bet you don't even remember!).
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Lorraine Migliorini

(2414) Julie Wickenden
Wed, 4 May 2011 18:45:38 +0000

Happy Birthday to you Bazil - and happy birthday to me, exactly 14 years behind you. All the best people.... and May the Force (of Heaven) be with you always.x

(2413) Caz Eagles
Wed, 4 May 2011 16:00:57 +0000

Hey Right on Rev

Happy Birthday! You're a ledge. Luv ya. LCGC rock.

(2412) Linda steward
Tue, 3 May 2011 14:40:06 +0000

:V) What a fantastic experience at the Millfield Theatre last Fri 29.4.11. A truly joyous evening surpassing all my expectations. So much talent on one stage in Edmonton. Wow...


(2411) Stella
Mon, 2 May 2011 20:14:21 +0000

I was at the Millfield Theatre on Friday and you guys totally exceeded my expectations. Thankyou for blessing us with your music. :-)X

(2410) Robert Curry
Sun, 1 May 2011 17:20:33 +0000

I finally got to see the choir perform live on Friday at the Millfields Arts Centre, and having moved to London 4 years ago from Dublin it was worth the wait.... all I can say is WOW... Loved the opening song "Praise The Lord"... you were all fantastic and loved the way Rev Bazil interacted with the crowd.. One of the many highlights was "Something Inside So Strong". The song has very special meaning for me and I have never heard it done so well and sung with such passion. It was great to meet the woman who sang the song after the show. Really sorry can't remember the lady's name. I'm not a man who shows emotion easy but the soloist had me very close to tears; I was so moved. Thanks to you all for a very spiritual musical experience. You all have an amazing gift. Can't wait to see the choir live again in the near future. Blessings to you all.

(2409) Tracey
Fri, 29 April 2011 22:34:22 +0000

Praise God for the awesome time of worship and praise at the Millfield Theatre tonight(29/04). I had an absolutely awesome time. I will be there again!

(2408) Eme
Thu, 28 April 2011 18:33:46 +0000

Totally awesome !! The music, the harmonies, the solos.. Please visit Milton Keynes again sometime soon !!!!

(2407) Matthew clay
Tue, 26 April 2011 18:53:21 +0000

Hi, I came to M K Christian Centre to watch your concert and it was amazing. I hope I can see the group again. It was amazing, inspirational music. I've got your cd "Glorious" and put it on my phone. Its great and I love listening to swing low and all the others songs! God Bless!
Matthew Clay :-D

(2406) Deborah Sheath
Mon, 25 April 2011 07:19:28 +0000

:V) WHAT A NIGHT!! Ronnie Scotts last night was one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life!! Simply stunning - everyone was phenomenal. And the "heckling" (!!) from the side lines (next to us, and all in good fun!!) just added to a great experience. Dancing in the aisles, singing and clapping the night away. I'm not a "religious" person, but your music moved me more than I can say. Thank you so much to you all. This was our first time seeing you, but it wont be our last!

(2405) Jenni Moles
Mon, 25 April 2011 02:17:19 +0000

I just wanted to say thankyou for making my 21st birthday truly special by inviting me on stage and singing happy birthday to me! What an unforgettable night.

Lots of love, Jenni

(2404) Violet
Sun, 24 April 2011 23:13:00 +0000

:-)X Great time at Milton Keynes Christian Center last night, twas my first time to see you sing live and I will pay to see you again.
Thanks Guys.

(2403) Paul Smith
Sun, 24 April 2011 22:50:37 +0000

Hi Everyone,

I have just got home from seeing you all perform at Ronnie Scot's, in London.

This was the first time that I had ever heard your choir, let alone heard you play live.

It was a truly brilliant night and I am totally hooked. Congratulations to you all for making the evening so special.

I look forward to coming to see you again very soon.

God bless you all.

(2402) Rhys
Sun, 24 April 2011 21:22:23 +0000

:-D Wow!!! What an amazing night! You are the best gospel choir I've ever heard in my life!

I watched you perform in Swansea and it was incredible. The music was beautiful, the voices just blended together perfectly.

I enjoy singing and I'm in a choir, and watching you perform just reminded me why I love singing and reminded me of the awesome impact that music can have on people.

THANK YOU!!!!! :-)X :-)X

(2401) MaBree
Sun, 24 April 2011 20:08:45 +0000

Had a wonderful, inspiring, awesome, entertaining and glorious day yesterday at Milton Keynes Christian Centre, you guys are gifted, talented and blessed, those voices are uplifting. The lady who sang 'the higher you build your barriers' moved me big time. You were all great, loved you all/ stay blessed
Great night, please come to MK again and again. loved you. Am loving the new CD as well.

(2400) Serena
Sun, 24 April 2011 19:29:19 +0000

Thank you for coming to Milton Keynes Christian centre Saturday 23rd April. You were fantastic and you really touched my life. I'm only 16 and I hope that I can sing as well as that one day. The mic was put infront of my face an I was like :shock: TJ said I could sing tell him thank you and I really appreciate the encouragement. Lawrence love your crazy feet :-)X

(2399) Cherryl Murray
Sun, 24 April 2011 14:59:15 +0000

Thank you so much for the amazing concert in Milton Keynes yesterday evening. Your passionate faith shone through the whole evening and your exuberant energy inspired us all to join in and worship our awesome God. Praise the Lord!

(2398) Veeronia
Sat, 23 April 2011 22:34:37 +0000

Thank you for inspiring me once again! The gifts we have we should use them otherwise we will loose them.
You were all fabulous tonight in MK you left us buzzing wanting more Wendi thank you so much I need the words you said to night. You guys stay blessed xVee

(2397) Chris
Sat, 23 April 2011 22:34:12 +0000

Just saw you guys at the Milton Keynes Christian Centre tonight. What an amazing experience. You are so musically and visually exciting!

(2396) Christine (Chrissie) Lewis
Sat, 23 April 2011 21:50:09 +0000

I just want to thank you for such an amazing time. Never have I felt closer to God than when I was singing and dancing with you all. You must come again, MKCC would love to have you I'm sure. :)

(2395) Dave
Fri, 22 April 2011 11:04:40 +0000

Hi All,
I just wanted to thank you for coming to Swansea. Last night's concert was superb, with only one complaint - it was too short, and over too quickly!!!
The Lord bless you as you continue to lift up our Wonderful Lord Jesus.
God bless you all.

(2394) Glyn
Fri, 22 April 2011 10:00:19 +0000

Thanks for an awesome time last night at Elim City Temple Swansea. Pity ther ewer not more of us! By the way where can I get music, words and a copy of Bread Of Heaven

(2393) Nathan Davies
Thu, 21 April 2011 22:51:00 +0000

thankyou so much for tonight really enjoyed singing was awesome and band were outstanding!!!!

(2392) Andywales
Thu, 21 April 2011 22:41:16 +0000

Your a terrifically powerful group of talented singers and musicians. I thoroughly enjoyed your Swansea night. Keep spreading the word and sowing seeds of Gods hope, strength and grace in often pain filled lives

(2391) Jessica
Thu, 21 April 2011 21:51:18 +0000

Thank You so much for coming to Swansea!! You really blessed our evening! :D Your Vocal range was absolutely amazing!! Thank you Very much! :)

(2390) Chloe (23 mile Lucozade volunteer)
Tue, 19 April 2011 20:31:26 +0000

Thanks for keeping us entertained all day at the London Marathon on Sunday. I captured some of Alex's dancing during your last session of the day, thought you might like to see it:

(2389) Laura
Sun, 17 April 2011 22:33:48 +0000

We saw you perform at the London Marathon this year and you were absolutely brilliant! I have watched the marathon for the past three years and seeing you sing definitely made it the best year yet!

(2388) Nene souldiva
Sat, 16 April 2011 10:39:46 +0000

I just want to say LCGC is doing a fantastic work, i'm so inspired by all your singing, and the singers like Abby Godwin, Adetoun, and Waleed..Gosh you are all so great on the microphone..My love goes to Revd Bazil Meade your humility just ministers to my soul..may the lord keep you all and i pray for you all that every battle in your lives have been won in the name of jesus!!..i speak life into dead situations and i decree you all are blessed..AMEN

(2387) Cindy
Sat, 16 April 2011 08:36:07 +0000

:-)X Thank you for coming to Alive Christian Ministries last night, you really were a huge blessing to many people. Glory to God.

(2386) Steph
Tue, 12 April 2011 12:01:44 +0000

Saw you in Sark last week and you were fantastic. Do feel that not enough reference made during the evening to your incredibly accomplished accompanist. The input of the pianist really lifts any performance. I have played all my life and could never hope to play as well as he does.

(2385) UAB Gospel Choir
Sun, 10 April 2011 05:33:13 +0000

The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA is coming to London, England May 10-15, 2011. We are big fans of the LCGC and hope to make your aquaintance will in the U.K. Kevin P. Turner, Director.

(2384) Michael
Fri, 8 April 2011 18:44:47 +0000

Incredible performance in Jersey last night! What were you doing down in the channel islands anyway?! God bless you all and please come back soon xxx

(2383) Becki (not the director of Tehilla)
Fri, 8 April 2011 00:31:51 +0000

I was at your concert in Jersey tonight and also part of the Tehilla Gospel Choir! You guys are so amazing and so talented! Thank you so much for bringing us up to sing with you - it was such a great experience that I'm sure will bring us great confidence!

I pray that you guys will return again soon as I would highly recommend seeing you to my friends and family - plus it would be cool if we could catch one of your workshops!!

Every Blessing

(2382) Pete
Thu, 7 April 2011 23:33:29 +0000

Jersey - tonight. Fantastic. Uplifting. Inspiring. Didn't want the evening to end. Thank you all.

(2381) Andy
Thu, 7 April 2011 10:34:19 +0000

Awesome concert last night !!

(2380) Lorraine
Thu, 7 April 2011 09:25:43 +0000

Awesome concert last nite on Sark, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, many thanx!!

(2379) Nick Coombes
Thu, 7 April 2011 09:06:56 +0000

A truly amazing concert in Sark last night. Uplifting, fun and beautiful music-the highlights for me being the rendition of "his eyes are on the sparrow", which brought me and my partner to tears with it's beauty, the amazing pianist and the love you guys had for our little island. My daughter had the best time, 2 years old and sat awestruck for the whole performance, when she wasn't dancing and being held by Elisa! Thanks guys for a truly inspirational evening!

(2378) Angie
Wed, 6 April 2011 22:18:17 +0000

:-)X Just been to a lovely concert in Sark, a welcome return! Many thanks.

(2377) Danie and Jill ludick
Wed, 6 April 2011 22:06:26 +0000

Thank you for taking the time to come to Sark and use your wonderful voices to witness to so many people . You brought the words of each song to life and the spirit in which you delivered them spoke powerfully of God's love for his people. Thank you :)

(2376) Charles
Wed, 6 April 2011 21:44:52 +0000

Thank you so much for being with us on Sark this evening! It was a pleasure to have you among us on our tiny island. Your music is inspirational - and you sure make it fun!
So - a big thank you from the family in the front row: Grampy Charles, Mum & Dad (Kira and Wez), and baby Hazel who loved you all (especially Lisa)! Please come again.

(2375) Sue
Wed, 6 April 2011 10:18:40 +0000

morning to all you lovely people.we had such a brilliant time with you at st.james in guernsey last night.the night was 1st class we need more like this,please come back and see us soon.thank you all and god bless.

(2374) Beth
Wed, 6 April 2011 07:44:36 +0000

I saw your concert last night at St James.....absolutely brilliant and can't wait to have the chance to see you all again.

Thank you for a wonderful evening :-)X :-//

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