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(1373) Mike Wade
Sat, 1 November 2008 21:16:13 +0000

Oh My My, I saw you guys at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush. What an amazing performance by those singers. Wish you had sung more songs. They were amazing!!!!!


(1372) Netty
Sat, 1 November 2008 14:18:43 +0000

Hi i saw yousing a fewyears ago at Canterbury cathedral wow what a fantastic evening!! Do you have any plans to return to Canterbury?

(1371) Christine
Thu, 30 October 2008 15:14:21 +0000

Hi there Bazil and all the choir who appeared at The Concorde Club in Eastleigh last night. Your concert was a gift for my daughter Sally's Birthday, and we have been excitedly looking forward to seeing your choir for months. WOW! We were absolutely stunned by the beautiful performances of each and every one of you. Unbelievably moving. We so wanted you to come back for an encore! It was lovely to have the opportunity for a quick chat , to express our joy and appreciation. A truly unforgettable evening. Please come back soon! Best wishes from Christine,Sally, Ben and Ray

(1370) Dave & Ali Gould
Thu, 30 October 2008 12:05:44 +0000

:-D What a great evening we had at Cambridge on Sunday 26th October.
The whole choir were fantastic. Beautiful , joyful singing that made sure that there wasn't a dry eye in the house during some of the performances. The solo from the young man reminded me of the great american singer David Peaston. Once again ,you were inspiring and Basil really did sum up the mood and christian values of the choir .We will come again to see you and enjoy your gifts.

(1369) Teresa
Thu, 30 October 2008 02:54:59 +0000

:-)X To Bazil and your amazing choir,
saw you tonight at the concorde club in Eastleigh.
The evening was made very wonderful and uplifted when your choir started singing!. You all are very gifted and special singers!!,
Thank you for a wonderful evening. God bless you all Teresa xxx. :-)X

(1368) Norman Giller
Thu, 30 October 2008 00:47:30 +0000

Dear Bazil and Glorious Gospel Gang,

I was in the audience at the Concorde last night (I was the one invited to sing solo on Let It Shine, which I morphed into Ain't Gonna Go to War No More; sorry!).

Just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for bringing your souls and spirit to our tiny corner of Hampshire. You are exceptional with your harmonies and abiity to swing while you sing your messages of hope and faith.

A special word of praise for Luke Smith's magical piano playing. His arpeggios brought a strong undercurrent of inspired jazz to the occasion.

You should all walk tall becuase your music is making a lot of people very happy.

May Your God go with you.


Uncle Norman Giller, Concorde Club member, 29.10.08

(1367) Pastor Fisseha Tesfaye
Wed, 29 October 2008 23:57:34 +0000

Hey there, my brothers and sisters in Christ I will be glad if I can get in touch with you guys. I am now in London for a momment and return back to Ethiopia after a while. So would you please give me a call and allow me to know more about you? Thanks

(1366) Jules
Wed, 29 October 2008 18:15:33 +0000

Hiya Bazil and Choir, just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your concert at Cambridge on Sunday evening, my 12 year old daughter, my husband and me. Congratulations on such a brilliant evening - such professional singing and all for the glory of our wonderful Saviour. What talent He has given you all - keep up the good work. I will pray for you, for God to continue to use you to bring precious souls closer to him and for your safe travelling wherever you go. God bless you each one. :lol: Julie, Grant & Cathy x x x

(1365) Nina
Wed, 29 October 2008 15:19:18 +0000

Hi, I had the great chance to see your concert in Cambrigde (10/26/08) and I had a wonderful time!!Thank?s a lot !! I?m a member of an unprofessional gospel choir here in Seesen, Germany and I love to sing.
Have you got plans to come to Germany? Is there a possiblitity to book a workshop?
Hope to see and hesr you again, God bless you!

(1364) Lisa from Cambridge
Tue, 28 October 2008 18:18:29 +0000

Thank you so much for the wonderful evening on sunday.

What an AMAZING ministry...watched the DVD today and cried (again!)

Love the song 'I surrender' (all to you)

Keep up the great work and esp being so accesable to all peop's everywhere.

So much love for you guys, will promote you everywhere i gooo!!!

Lisa :)


(1363) Sam Menzies
Tue, 28 October 2008 15:46:49 +0000

Hi Guys my family and i came to see you this Sunday 26th October at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge. Wow you were amazing what a wonderful spiritual experience we had felt just moved man so moved with the spirit. I am definately coming on one of your workshops as i love to sing and praise God in such a fantastic way. God bless you and all you do in his name.
Sam (female) take care all.

(1362) Sammii
Tue, 28 October 2008 10:31:34 +0000

I recently performed with you at the The Muni in Colne with the Arden Youth Choir. I just want to say thankyou so much for making our night amazing. You are truley inspirational and singing with you all was such a fantastic experience. You are all so lovely as well!! Thanks again xx

(1361) Becca
Mon, 27 October 2008 21:34:03 +0000

was at your concert last night at the Arts theartre in Cambs-was really great! Good luck with all your travels
and may God always guide you!

(1360) Rebecca
Mon, 27 October 2008 21:23:36 +0000

Thank you so much for the wonderfully uplifting and joy giving night that you gave us in tewkesbury (Oct 19th). So sorry place wasn't packed - couldn't believe it. However, gave those of us on our feet, much more room to dance. You were all so lovely and friendly and committed, and it just felt so real, as if we were part of your family. Thought it would be more of a secular programme as not in a church, but so glad it wasn't. What a brilliant ministry. Would love to come on an experince day and meet you all again. May God Bless You All! :-D

(1359) Celine
Mon, 27 October 2008 19:13:11 +0000

:-)X Wow!!!!
What a Night!
Where do I sign up - asked for an"experience day" for Birthday, Christmas all rolled into one.
What a wonderful way to spread the word. May the Lord bless you and protect you all on your travels over the next few weeks and months.
God Bless you all!

(1358) Ed
Mon, 27 October 2008 19:05:18 +0000

Last night was, dare I say it aloud, pant-wettingly good ... if Bazil is reading this, he'll know who I am! Fantastically uplifting music -- neither my wife nor I are religious but we were both blown away by your energy and musical ability. If churches had been that cool when I was growing up, I would probably still be going!

Great work, and I hope to see you again at an "experience" day in the future.

(1357) Samuel Budu
Mon, 27 October 2008 16:21:16 +0000

I watched the Last Choir Standing Competiiton and wondered why the LCGC was not there. After watching last night's performance in Cambridge, I know why. Collectively, you are "The First Choir Arising". Individually, each one of you can easily win the "X Factor" as well as the "Y Factor". Last night, I was really touched and inspired by your music.
Give my love to all in Ghana on your visit . God bless you all and keep it up (I am originally from Ghana)

(1356) Simon
Mon, 27 October 2008 13:56:33 +0000

Saw the choir for the first time yesterday, in Cambridge. What a wonderful evening. The Arts Theatre should make it an annual event.

(1355) Yvonne
Mon, 27 October 2008 12:29:36 +0000

Really enjoyed your concert in Cambridge last night. We have a local gospel choir in Whittlesford under the guidance of Tina Brookes. She is such an inspiration and we all enjoy our singing.

(1354) Alex from Revelation choir
Mon, 27 October 2008 11:48:21 +0000

Dear Bazil and your wonderful choir,
We saw you tonight at Cambridge Arts Theatre and you completely blew me away. Your performance was so joyous, heartfelt and uplifting that it inspired me to come and have an experience day with you. You will always remain my favourite choir, not only because musically you are just exceptional, but also because you have such faith and passion which manifests itself in the way you perform and make your audience feel amazing. Thank you so much for making my birthday this year so memorable and I hope to see you again before too long. God Bless you all, Alex xxx

(1353) Sue
Mon, 27 October 2008 10:35:10 +0000

Thank you for an enjoyable evening at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge (26/10/08). Several members of the Whittlesford Community Gospel Choir were there - got a way to go before we're up to your standard!! Shame it didn't go on for longer and there was more room to move! But thanks again.

(1352) Flizzy
Mon, 27 October 2008 10:26:17 +0000

:lol: :-)X The Cambridge concert last night was a blast! Thank you so much to all of you - we all sailed out on a wave of love, positivity and hope...... See you all again soon.

(1351) Sharon
Mon, 27 October 2008 09:57:26 +0000

:-// My best friend and other friends came to your concert in Cambridge last night, with so many negative things going on in the world it was sheer Bliss to just have a superb evening with you as our new friends and join in your celebration of joyfulness. As you so rightly said, your music is fun ,not just for Christians but for anyone who enjoys the connection with the joys of creation and that deep feeling inside of universal love. I recently met Zen Buddist monks who had a similar aura of joyfulness. I feel blessed to be able to spend time with you and others who simply make others feel good. Thank you.

(1350) Mainda
Mon, 27 October 2008 09:27:51 +0000

Your performance was outstanding and uplifting, and the messages were powerful. Thank you!

(1349) Neil Fitton
Mon, 27 October 2008 07:54:41 +0000

Just wanted to say that I saw you all last night (26th Oct) at Cambridge and it was a fantastic evening with some spectacular voices singing some wonderful music and I wanted to agree that this can be appreciated by everyone no matter their colour, creed or relegious beliefs it is just powerful uplifting music sung from the heart.

(1348) Gina Leggett
Mon, 27 October 2008 00:04:39 +0000

I just would like to say how amazing the choir is. I had a fantastic night at the Cambridge Arts theatre and the Rev. Bazil has a magical way of uplifting one's spirit. You are all truly inspirational. Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you again. G Leggett :-)X

(1347) Didge and John
Sun, 26 October 2008 23:42:48 +0000

Dear Choir,
Just got back from your Cambridge show.It was fantastic,uplifting and a great tonic on what has been for us a difficult day.You certainly raised up my spirits,thank you all,
Come back to Cambridge soon,keep up the good work
God bless

(1346) Tizzy
Sun, 26 October 2008 23:34:20 +0000

Bazil and all of LCGC, what can I say, I was just blown away by the concert tonight. Alex and I were singing and boogying the whole way through!
I felt truely blessed by the whole evening, thank you so much for sharing your music and faith with so much passion and conviction.
Was so, so lovely to chat to you afterwards as well, I have my sparkly T shirt on now and will wear it to Rev tomorrow!
Looking forward to singing with you in the future.
Have a wonderful time on the rest of your tour. God bless you all.
Tizzy xxx
p.s. we hope the probationers make it into the choir, they were amazing!

(1345) Clare Levick
Sat, 25 October 2008 20:38:33 +0000

Have just looked through the messages to see if any one else agreed with our feelings expressed after the Colne concert.....(accoustics too loud and unbalanced, poor diction etc...excellent performance by Arden Youth Choir).
Disappointed that my message was not displayed. Do you only publish purely positive responses? Is constructive criticism ignored? Is a not entirely glowing critique not acknowledged? Makes the guest book a bit one sided, don't you think?
Good luck with your future concerts
Clare Levick

(1344) The Lord is my sheperd
Sat, 25 October 2008 08:06:38 +0000

Just want to say a great thanks for your performance at Daniel De-Gale's furneral. Keep at it and perserve in this walk for christ.
"Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks." (John 4:23)

(1343) Daniel Pearce
Fri, 24 October 2008 19:02:20 +0000

I went to see you at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury last Sunday,I thougt you were all brilliant !! You all had fantastic voices but my favorite was Travis.I would really like it if Travis and some of rest of you could come into my school and do a workshop/singing lessons.
I have spoken to my headmaster - Mr Steve Savory and he said that I need to find out how much it would be for you to come to our school for either half a day or a full day.
My schools telephone number is (01242) 673814 Bishops Cleeve Primary School.I would really appreciate it if you could come to my school as I feel that everybody should hear your excellent voices.
Best Wishes
Daniel Pearce
P.S KI hope that you can make it..

(1342) Xolile
Thu, 23 October 2008 19:59:12 +0000

Peace be unto you. I just want to say I'm a fan of this choir. I first watched your performance in August 2007 during the unveiling of Nelson Mandela's statue. Since then I bought myself the 21st Anniversary concert CD&DVD and I've enjoyed the music. Keep up the good work

(1341) Theorangebus
Thu, 23 October 2008 11:27:50 +0000

I am trying to track down a recording of The Dream - about Martin Luther King that LCGC performed at Greenbelt years ago (in the 80's I think). It was truly memorable ...
Any help / advice gratefully received!

(1340) Rowdy
Wed, 22 October 2008 19:02:42 +0000

Your show at the Majestic in Retford on 18th October was brilliant. Can't wait for your next visit. What a way to enjoy Church. Many thanks and God's blessings to you all.

(1339) Joan
Wed, 22 October 2008 16:45:08 +0000

You visited the Roses Theatre,Tewkesbury, last Sunday, 19th October and unfortunately the theastre was not full. However, it was a most enjoyable evening and we do hope you will return again.
PLEASE make a return visit next year.
Love and Blessings to you all,
Joan & Barrie, Cheltenham

(1338) Jackie Smith & YDM
Wed, 22 October 2008 09:48:42 +0000

Hello LCGC:

Your website is great and so is your ministry. I am so excited about the workshop that you all do for other ministries. Not only does it inspire and educate, but it allow you the opportunity to visit another country and meet new friends. I'm looking foward to bringing my choir in the very near future.

(1337) Ed & ash
Tue, 21 October 2008 18:20:06 +0000

:-)X :mdr: :-D

thanx for a wonderful night at the muni in daughter is in the arden choir and was thrilled to be able to sing with you, now hopes to come to london for a further experience with your choir

(1336) Teddtbear
Mon, 20 October 2008 18:51:48 +0000

:-// Thank you all very very much for sharing your voices with us last night in Tewkesbury. My Fiancee (Becky) and I were lifted so high by the Joy and faith that poured from all of you. Thank you and God bless you all :-)X :-D :-)X :-)X :-)X :-)X

(1335) Roger Pitt
Mon, 20 October 2008 18:45:57 +0000

Really enjoyed the concert in Tewkesbury last night. It was a moving experience both listening and watching you all. So many highlights, impossible to pick one. It was also great meeting some of the choir before the start and at the interval. My first time with you all but hopefully not the last.

(1334) Janet Brown
Mon, 20 October 2008 17:40:52 +0000

Saw your concert in Colne on Friday (17th Oct ) and had an amazing night (The best yet in Colne!)enjoying your wonderful voices and those of the Arden Youth Choir...What a talented lot of girls!! :-)X I felt so uplifted. Please, please come back again with the youth choir. :-//

(1333) Kathryn
Mon, 20 October 2008 13:02:08 +0000

Had a fantastic night out at the concert at The Majestic Theatre in Retford. T-Jae singing amazing grace was my highlight :-//
Please come back soon.

(1332) PAM &DUG
Mon, 20 October 2008 10:38:04 +0000


(1331) Rachel
Sun, 19 October 2008 20:12:22 +0000


Hi Guys,

I came to see you in Retford last night and I was so impressed. Youre the first gospel choir I've seen live and I expected to love it but loved it even more than I thought! Keep it up, you put a big smile on mine and my Grandad's face and made me feel so happy!


(1330) Anthea
Sun, 19 October 2008 19:31:20 +0000

:-D The gig at Colne on Friday night was fantastic and very inspirational. A group of us are from a Gospel choir in Preston, and we were bowled over by the event.

(1329) Denis
Sun, 19 October 2008 17:56:27 +0000

Saw you guys at Retford although I was a member of the theatre staff!! You were truly inspirational and I would love to see you all again. I have never seen a gospel choir before but will want to in the future.
Thanks for coming to little ole Retford. Please come again. IRE!!

(1328) Phil
Sun, 19 October 2008 17:04:22 +0000

Great concert at The Muni in Colne 17/10/08 . I'm sure the Arden Youth Choir will remember and gain from the experience of performing with you .Hope we can all repeat it again sometime. Keep smiling .

(1327) Linda and jean
Sun, 19 October 2008 14:54:04 +0000

Linda and Jean would like to thank you for the great evening at the Muni in Colne, Friday 17 October. We had a fantastic time and thank you to Bazil for signing our CD. Hope you can make it to sing at the Muni again. God bless.

(1326) Andrea
Sun, 19 October 2008 14:20:37 +0000

Saw your concert at Retford Theatre last night. My first time and wasn't sure if it would my cup of tea as I have no strong religious views , but I love music and was curious.

You all were amazing. Fabulous voices, great fun and I came away feeling good with life. If you visit Nottingham again I will definately be back to see you again.

(1325) Lucy and paul
Sun, 19 October 2008 10:14:22 +0000

:-D we would just like to say how much we enjoyed the concert you did at the majestic theatre in Retford, it was totally uplifting, and enjoyable, the singers have such amazing voices and we had such an enjoyable evening
Thankyou x

(1324) LENA
Sat, 18 October 2008 22:16:28 +0000


(1323) Brenda
Sat, 18 October 2008 21:42:37 +0000

Have just returned home from witnessing such a fantastic concert by you guys, and wow are you infectious. What talent you all have, you oozed love, happiness and joy. You are such an inspiration, may you bless all who are lucky enough to experience one of your many concerts, you all work so hard, and give 100% thank you.

(1322) Mally Dow
Sat, 18 October 2008 20:46:10 +0000

:-)X I went to your gig last night and was blown away, it was fantastic and well supported by our very own Arden Youth Choir. i took a friend with me who had never heard Gospel singing before ( she's led a very sheltered life ! ) She loved it.....but whats not to love. I wish you all every success with the rest of your tour but please hurry back to Colne for another taste of Lancashire hospitality. We're nice up North aren't we ? The t shirt I bought is great too and I shall wear it with pride. God Bless xxx

(1321) Nic n Dave
Sat, 18 October 2008 19:56:38 +0000

What a fantastic night out. Colne Municipal Hall last night. Such a feel good factor. Saw you in Burnley 2 years ago and last night was every bit as good. Will be looking out for you again in the area, so you can get some more great northern hospitality.

Keep on praising!!!!!

(1320) Steve & lyn
Sat, 18 October 2008 19:48:05 +0000


Saw the lcgc at the muni in Colne last night (17/10).

We actually went to watch our granddaughter singing in the supporting act, The Arden Youth Choir.

So this was the 1st time we had seen or even heard a gospel choir. It will not be the last time!

What singers, what fun, what a night!!

(1319) June and James Tunnacliffe
Sat, 18 October 2008 13:01:49 +0000

We heard you sing at Colne last night and really enjoyed it! When are you coming back?! Your performance was brilliant, full of energy and passion, we were so impressed and bought all your CDs.

God bless you all in everything you do. We hope you are encouraged by all the things people say on this guestbook.

Love June and James

(1318) Tilda
Sat, 18 October 2008 12:28:10 +0000

Saw you in Colne last night, fantastic, will def make sure we see you again.

(1317) Grezzer
Sat, 18 October 2008 11:45:56 +0000

Attended the Colne gig last night and had a great time. Can't wait for you to come back to Lancashire. So proud also of the Arden Youth Choir who supported you so well.

(1316) Valeska
Sat, 18 October 2008 10:54:50 +0000

:-D Saw and heard you last night at the Municipal Hall in Colne, you were all wonderful. Will definately recommend you to others and will see you again. Thank you for signing CD's. Take care ya all.

(1315) Sara + Tara (:
Sat, 18 October 2008 10:35:32 +0000

What can we say?! You were AMAZING! We've seen anything like it before, and we're SO glad we came. Bazil was fantastic, he has such a voice it's unbelievable. When he asked us to sing we were like, 'NOOO!' :lol: We had such a brilliant night, thank you all for coming to Colne and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back soon! :-)X

(1314) Jellybean
Sat, 18 October 2008 09:49:22 +0000

Yesterday I went to see your concert t The Muni with the Arden Youth Choir and it was AMAZING!!! One of the best things I have ever been to, every voice in the choir was fantastic and I would love, love, loven to watch you again someday!
Love, Geraldine Bell, 14

(1313) Paula.
Sat, 18 October 2008 09:09:37 +0000

Really enjoyed the concert last night, it was outstanding.
The arden youth choir were brilliant, you should have them sing with you again!

(1312) Keith
Sat, 18 October 2008 07:43:47 +0000

Great concert in Colne a really fantastic evening. Both choirs sounded great and the atmosphere was electric.
Thank you - sorry about trying to nick your CD!

(1311) TheBonds007
Fri, 17 October 2008 22:55:04 +0000


Just wanted to say loved the concert at Colne. Absolutely fantastic!! Nice to see the members of the choir taking time out to talk to people. :lol: :-)X :-//

Rachel x

(1310) Stewart Bell
Fri, 17 October 2008 22:48:19 +0000

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

:-D We saw you this evening at the Colne Muni hall and it was fabulous. Thank you for giving me the chance to sing solo especially on my birthday. It was an amazing evening that will not be forgotten for a very long time. (Or at least until your next gig up this end of the world). Love and God bless Stewart and Lisa :-)X

(1309) A Gospel Music Fan
Fri, 17 October 2008 22:36:01 +0000

Your concert in Colne was amazing and your support of the young choir made the evening even better! You were inspirational and I look forward to hearing you sing again! :-//

(1308) Lola
Fri, 17 October 2008 14:07:31 +0000

Was feeling overwhelmed and stressed then went to listen to your gig. I left feeling uplifted and positive, reminded of what I know but had forgotten. We cant do this alone. I dont share your faith in Jesus but I do in humanity and the natural world. Maybe we do believe in the same just call it different things.
The sound of your voices was powerful and strong. I laughed cried sang and danced. Thank you all :-)X

(1307) Frank
Thu, 16 October 2008 23:32:37 +0000

i hope that any non-Christians who were present at the concert - and who obviously enjoyed your singing! - may have been made to think about your message and may have been influenced to take a good,long look at the One Whose praise you sang!

Thank you so much! Yours,in Him. :-)X

(1306) Simeon Walker
Thu, 16 October 2008 21:49:19 +0000

Hii my names Simeon, im 15 and i've been to 2 ov your concerts...1 in Wellingborough and 1 in Corby...and i was like WOW..!! you sound so amazing...and u can feel the dedication and emotion u put into each song..,!! i always leave on a hype after experiencing one ov ur preformances...u always interact With the crowd so well...:D

anywayz...i really want 2 come to one ov ur workshop thingz coz...i luv to sing...i think im quite guud at it and i think i could learn so much from attending one...hopefully ya dont have 2 be like Over 18 to go...but we'll see. !,
So...Stay blessed...and continue what u do...coz its wonderful...x

(1305) Aaron James Murphy-Harrison
Sun, 12 October 2008 19:18:31 +0000

Yesterday I went to an LCGC workshop at Chequer Mead and it was WICKED! 8). We done three songs: God has smiled on me, Sing unto the lord a new song and Swing low sweet chariot. On the second song I had a solo and and I loved it :V). My favourite song was God has smiled on me and today I took it to my church and sung it too everyone, some people even joined in towards the end. The two leaders were amazing and they were very friendly. We practised for a couple of hours and had something to eat in between. After practise we had enough time to get changed and then we were first on stage and the performance was great :-D but the best part was when everyone cheered and clapped at the end, with smiles on their faces :-)X . I was also involved in a talent competition on the same stage straight after our performance. My act was singing and I sung my favourite song of all time: Lean on me by Bill Withers. There was a lot of amazing acts but I won the competition and everyone in my family, including myself, is very proud of me. There was two prizes which included a free three course meal at a restaurant, in East Grinstead, and ?30 worth of HMV vouchers. I really enjoyed last night and I am looking forward to doing it again in January. BYE :) .

(1304) Sandra Davies
Sun, 12 October 2008 11:43:22 +0000

:-)X Sandra would like to congratulate the LCGC on the performance they gave recently in Shrewsbury, absolutely brilliant, the 2 1/2 show was very moving, joyful and brought emotion. When the choir sang together they brought goosebumps to me and nearly brought me to tears it was so touching. Ive watched the LCGC when they performed with Luther Vandross at the Albert Hall, London and that was fabulous. It was nice to speak to the band members aswell at them. Cant wait for the next show, Well done God bless you all x

(1303) NO1 FAN
Sat, 11 October 2008 23:00:17 +0000

:? Where's the new website!! Still w8in?? Can't wait 2 see it Cmon Guys lets see somethin new and Fresh!!


(1302) Helen bailey
Wed, 8 October 2008 19:04:31 +0000

my husband and i saw the LCGC in shrewsbury recently, they were fantastic. Their singing was out of this world. Moving, uplifting and joyful. Thankyou all so much. Hope to see you perform again one day.

(1301) Christine(Chris) Blyth
Sun, 5 October 2008 09:13:26 +0000

:) :) Hi, I really enjoyed your concert at the Arts Centre in Haverhill on Friday, 3rd October 2008. It was the second time I had seen you perform in Haverhill.
:oops: However, I have to say, I found the amplification a little on the high side. I much preferred your item without the mikes - but then I am a bit old fashioned!
God bless you all- and thanks for getting His message across in such a fab and joyful way.

(1300) Babsie
Sat, 4 October 2008 17:35:11 +0000

:-Attended the show at Haverhill on Friday 3rd. Just wanted to say how much my Daughter and I enjoyed it (along with the rest of the audience) A real feel-good evening for all.
Come back soon!

(1299) David and Emma
Sat, 4 October 2008 09:41:32 +0000

We just wanted to say what a fantastic concert it was at the Arts Centre last night. This was the second time we have seen LCGC and the experience was just as amazing second time around!
I'd also like to say a big thankyou to Howard and Travis for the excellent workshop that they ran at my school (Parkway Middle School) in the afternoon. My pupils had an amazing time and were really buzzing at the end of the day. Travis and Howard really made singing exciting for the pupils and I hope that they will want to carry on!

(1298) Lindy
Fri, 3 October 2008 22:40:25 +0000

:-D Just seen you at the Arts Centre in Haverhill and you are amazing, inspiring, uplifting, incredible, energising and fabulous. Thank you all for a great evening, I particularly loved Kumbaya and a beautiful song you sang in the second half about Jesus being a King and a Carpenter. Please send me a note to tell me the title and which of your albums I can find this on, and also the song you sang at the front of the stage with the great footwork, about not travelling alone. Fabulous. I will definitely come to see you again. Thank you all.

(1297) Kaela
Tue, 30 September 2008 17:43:22 +0000

Seen the choir in Shrewsbury Music hall. Was absolutley amazing. WOuld defintly like to see you guys there again.

(1296) Hessing
Mon, 29 September 2008 12:11:10 +0000

Saw the choir in Morecambe, Lancashire last week end, absolutely brilliant, please come again soon

(1295) Paula, Mandy and Louise
Sun, 28 September 2008 21:51:19 +0000

We had a fab time last Thursday night at the Shrewsbury Music Hall. You were incredible! :-)X Joining in with you all (Swing low :-// ) made the evening so much fun. Keep on doing what you do and please come back soon!!!

(1294) Bernie
Sun, 28 September 2008 14:29:51 +0000

Thank you all so much for the wonderful celebration of gospel music in the cathedral last night. Your performance surpassed all expectations. Karen you sang like an angel, Ade - FABULOUS, Waleed - thanks for coming.. and singing so passionately., Monica - you are joy to watch... what a mover!! All of you...... THANKS! And Bazil, it is always appreciated how generous you are with your time and a special thanks from the workshop choir who learnt so much from you in such a short time. May you all continue to be a blessing to everyone whose lives you touch and may you stay blessed. Precious love, Bernie x :-D

(1293) Emma Morris
Sun, 28 September 2008 08:57:31 +0000

hiya guys,
Well, I am still in complete awe after seeing you perform for the first time last night at Brentwood Cathedral...What an absolutely amazing night - The best ?14 I have ever spent.The atmosphere and the sheer energy I found so uplifting and inspiring that those feelings will hopefully stay with me for ever!The venue in particular was so great as if felt so personal the fact there was no stage and no barriers between you and the audience.I am very proud of myself in the fact that I got up and sang solo which was like breaking a huge barrier for me and was just the dose of self confidence and belief I needed.The power and emotion you guys perform with had me several times during the evening so captivated and teary but then so energised - was an emotional rollercoaster that I wish I had a lifetimes pass for.Cant wait to see you all again.Am going to bring the family to see you in Hornchurch on the 30th Nov.
Love and peace to you all
Emma Morris.x

(1292) Cindy
Fri, 26 September 2008 18:05:29 +0000

:-)X Thank you, thank you, thank you! You changed my life last night! Keep singing! I think you are all wonderful. Thank you again!

(1291) Jan McG
Fri, 26 September 2008 15:03:29 +0000

What a brilliant night we had last night at The Music Hall, Shrewsbury. The LCGC moved everyone - in every way!! - singing, dancing, movement (Swing low sweet Chariot! :-// ) and of course spiritually. It was a blessing to be there with my family - in the second row from the front! - to hear the excellent, harmonious voices and meet members of the choir afterwards. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

(1290) Judy
Fri, 26 September 2008 13:44:37 +0000

I saw these guys last night performing and they were absolutely fantastic! Some of thier vocals blew me away.
I loved the way they get you to join in and feel part of it ('swing low sweet chariot' was my favourite...especially the moves!), very uplifting and truely inspirational.

(1289) Lesley
Fri, 26 September 2008 09:12:42 +0000

saw your show last night in shrewsbury sept 25th it was fantastic this is the second time i have seen you keep up the good work if all churches had your music thay would get more people going cant wait for you all to come back again thanks
for a great night love to you all
lesley God bless xx

(1288) Sbosch
Fri, 26 September 2008 08:57:31 +0000

I'm looking forward to listening, seeing and having a real good good time with all of you next 20th. December in GIRONA ( Spain ). Talking about myself, but I'm sure the whole members of our choir share my personal feeling.
And looking forward too to sharing an european gospel weekend with you.
Santi Bosch ( Gospelians )
(((( HUGS )))

(1287) Roz lear
Fri, 26 September 2008 08:27:16 +0000

thank you to all who participated in the concert last night at the music hall in shrewsbury myself and my 3 kids throughly enjoyed it we was a bit surprised not to see Bazil there but the other choir master was just as good cant wait to see you all again (4) as i have now seen the choir 3 times my daughter thanks you for dedicating the song Amazing Grace to her friend ashley evans who died it was a fitting tribute to her once again thak you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for a brilliant evening
roz an kids :) :-)X :-//

(1286) Lauren
Fri, 26 September 2008 08:09:43 +0000

I came to see you at the music hall in shrewsbury. Having never seen a gospel choir perform before, i was amazed. There isn't alot of opportunity to see gospel performances in Shrewsbury. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening :) At times i was quite moved by the harmonies and the soloist singers. I have always been interested in singing Gospel but have not been sure how to go about it. Thanks to you holding experience days i might be able finally be to try. What an amazing night. Thank you so much i hope you come back this way and perform again sometime not too far away. :lol:

(1285) Bishopston
Thu, 25 September 2008 15:13:12 +0000

:) wow. loved the work shop. specialy melodies in heaven :D
hope to see you soon again !!!

(1284) Julie M-K
Thu, 25 September 2008 08:47:30 +0000

We'd all been anticipating a truly amazing evening but when Bazil and the choir took to the stage Saturday night (20th) I don't think any of us realized just what a fantastic evening we were in for. We all have God given gifts and talents and the joy that just washed over the audience from the musicians and singers as they shared their faith through music was inspiring. Everyone was on their feet including my Mum & Dad who are in their 70's! It was also a great pleasure to look after you all. Something tells me this won't be the only time LCGC performs for the people of Bedfordshire (if I have anything to do with it!).
God bless - keep on praising
with love
Julie (Bromham Baptist Church)

(1283) CLAIRE
Wed, 24 September 2008 20:39:22 +0000


(1282) Claire
Wed, 24 September 2008 19:21:42 +0000

i had the time of my life when i went to see the choir :-D it was absolutely amazing :-)X. it was that good it did an amazing thing and brought my faith for the lord back to me which im thankful for. and bazil the way you brought the children to participate brought a :cry: to my eye.
once again i want to thank you and i would like 2 keep in touch. i would love to here from you.




(1281) Carolyn
Wed, 24 September 2008 14:58:02 +0000

Hi Bazil , members of the choir and musicians...who came to our church last Saturday (20th)...what a concert...what a night...what fantastic comments we've had...for me it was perfect and everything I'd hoped it would be..from start to finish. The choir were amazing, the harmonious singing sensational and moving... :-// you just have to come again...Bromham just isn't the same anymore!!...wait for my phone call!!!

Much love...and grateful thanks for a truly professional, truly memorable and 'feel good' evening. Love you all lots!

Carolyn Giles
Bromham Baptist Church

(1280) Becky Perkins
Tue, 23 September 2008 09:09:54 +0000

I had always wanted to hear a live Gospel choir and last night my husband surprised me by taking to the Dome. I didn't know what i was going to see until you all came on and the stage errupted with your beautiful voices. Goosebumps never left my body and a tear came to my eye more than once.
I am usually a shy person and i love to sing and i just kept thinking to myself if they ask anyone to sing i will get up.
My husbands jaw dropped to the ground as i ran off towards the stage with my arm in the air inspired by the music and all your voices. The next thing i knew i was on the stage singing This little light of mine infront of everyone.
I just wanted to let you all know how much your singing inspires people to do things they wouldn't normally do.
To even put my hand up to sing would be hard for me to do and i know i probably looked like the world's most confident person but i'm really not!
That night will definately go down as one of the best nights of my life!
I am so glad my first experience of Gospel was seeing all of you, The Amazing London Gospel Community choir and to stand on the same stage filled my heart with so much joy I still felt it this morning.
Sadly we had to leave early because we live at Sunderland Point which gets cut off by the tide, and the tide was coming in but we will definatley be coming to see you again.
Keep on singing and bringing joy!
thankyou again Becky Perkins

(1279) Clare
Mon, 22 September 2008 17:31:55 +0000

Hi guys, i saw you in Morecambe i was right at the front. I just wanted to say i have never been to anything so moving and amazing, it was full of soul and i loved singing along with you all. I cant wait to see you again, i move to america in july so please come before then. All my love and wish you all the best.
clare x x :-D :-D

(1278) Tony z
Mon, 22 September 2008 17:27:14 +0000

come do a tour in the USA... we'd love to have you... start in San Francisco!

(1277) Stacey
Mon, 22 September 2008 12:24:17 +0000

I saw you at woodville halls in gravesend...You was amazing...your all very very very good singers and are so smiley...You really lit up gravesend that was one of the best things i have been to....your voices are amazing...I wish all the best for your future...Please come back to gravesend again :-D ... you really inspired me :) ... Take care...God bless you...Stacey (15)

(1276) Avril
Sun, 21 September 2008 15:09:11 +0000

:-)X Thank you for a fabulous evening at Pacific Road. Hope you make a return trip.

(1275) Judith & Frank
Sun, 21 September 2008 09:38:45 +0000

:V) :-)X :-//
21 September 2008

Dear Bazil & LCGC
We wish to express our gratitude and delight after attending your concert on Friday 19 September in Morecambe, Dome, Lancashire. It was a most inspirational and enlighteneing experience. The joy and feeling of being a part of the show along with the choir was amazing. We had a wonderful evening and your message went very deep. You are all a credit to the human race and if all people presented themselves in this way with love and genuity, we would certainly become one big family. We will most certainly come to see you again when next on tour and possibly in London on 29 December. I spoke to one of the singers after the show and told her we would pray for your community. As Bazil mentioned, it is a very sad day when when children are killing each other. The singer gave me a hug and kissed me. I forgot to ask her name, but she was the tall slim lovely girl who was stood nearest to Bazil on stage. You are all lovely people and I will say a philosophy at church today about 'the family' based on our experience on Friday. Once again, thank you for a wonderful evening. The happy and joyous memory will stay with us for a very long time. Love to you all and God bless.
Judith & Frank Allison

(1274) Alethea
Sun, 21 September 2008 09:15:30 +0000

Saw you at the Dome in Morecambe on Friday. My 96 year old Grandad came with me and he stood up clapping and singing throughout the whole of Oh Happy Day. You were all amazing and I was smiling all night. Really enjoyed getting up singing and dancing. Can't wait for you to come back.

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