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(2673) Sarah
Mon, 20 March 2017 15:54:51 +0000

I was one of the 150 or so people the Festival Choir in Bristol on Sunday. Woo hoo, what a priviledge! By, you guys can sing! It was an afternoon of pure joyous joyousness!! Fantastic to watch your choir leader, she had us all in the palm of her hands. "Is he Alive" was jaw dropping. Thank you thank you (one more tick on my bucket list)

(2672) Kirtika Agarwal
Wed, 22 February 2017 05:30:48 +0000

Hope you're all well!
It was great meeting you and hosting you. You were the perfect grand finale to Udaipur World Music Festival. India welcomes you back!


(2671) Nobuyuki
Wed, 8 February 2017 04:04:06 +0000

I watched LCGC singing FAITH on youtube
You are awesome!

I want to know the lyrics.
I wrote almost but a few words I could'nt

if anyone could haveteach me,I'm so happy.
Thank you for you music!!



I'm gonna tell you what we need
We need faith
Just ???? you believe
Faith is what we need
Faith,Faith,Faith, Oh oh oh
Faith is what we need, If we just believe
Faith is what we need, We need faith
Faith can move
Faith can move the mountain move the mountain
Faith can open any door
Open any door
Faith,Faith,Faith, Oh oh oh
Faith is what we need, We need faith
And If you have problems, problem
Faith will ????? solve them solve them
And if you don't ?????
Faith will give you power power


(2670) Aretha
Mon, 24 October 2016 14:02:33 +0000

Thanks to multi talented LCGC for visiting Braintree, what amazing voices, awesome people.
Feeling Blessed ?

(2669) Victoria
Mon, 4 January 2016 12:02:42 +0000


My husband and I came to your show at the Camden Jazz Cafe last night as we just wanted to let you know that we had the best time! I have never heard a gospel choir sing and I can honestly say it was incredible. Your amazing words about people coming together in unity really moved us - I have never felt that kind of love in a room full of complete strangers before. Thank you again for a wonderful evening. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Keep using your God given talents.

(2668) Liz Landy
Sat, 25 July 2015 08:17:22 +0000

We were lucky enough to see you in Nice . Fantastic really enjoyed the performance and the vibrancy of the atmosphere you created.

(2667) hu
Sun, 12 July 2015 13:15:03 +0000

your concert in Nice today (12/07/2015) was seriously spoilt by terrible sound management. the balance favouring bass and drums over-riding voice meant that your talent was seriously compromised. please get some professionals to ensure an equilibrium and avoid such a disastrous performance.

(2666) Laura
Mon, 3 March 2014 23:13:26 +0000

Annette, Basil,
it was amasing to have you in Modena (Italy) during the last week-end.

Thanks for sharing your voices, your talent and your soul with us.
I won't never forget that.

I hope to have the opportunity to invite you to Bologna, one day or another, so that my choir mates, my friends and many other people can feel how easy it is to be touched by the Lord God through your music.

God bless you!

(2665) José Antonio
Sun, 5 January 2014 09:49:04 +0000

Estimados señores:
Anoche presencié junto a mi mujer Nuria y mis hijos, David, Pedro, José Antonio y Marta un espectacular concierto que me conmovió enormemente.
No sé por qué pero se me saltaron las lágrimas de alegría al principio de escucharos y me fui con una gran paz al terminar.
Gracias, amigos.

(2664) dj tom
Mon, 23 December 2013 22:59:10 +0000

thank you for a unforgettable night in belgium (gent) it was a rollercoster of emotions for me
plaese come back next year

(2663) San
Fri, 20 December 2013 22:23:39 +0000

Thanks for a great performance in Rotterdam! We really enjoyed the beautiful show.

(2662) Klaske
Fri, 20 December 2013 10:22:14 +0000

Till yesterday I never heard of you .......... but now that I've seen you in Sneek (Holland, december 19th 2013) I will never forget you! Thanks for the beautiful performance! I enjoyed every minute of it.

(2661) Markéta
Sat, 7 December 2013 17:00:45 +0000

I very enjoyed your performance in Ostrava (Czech Republic)on thursday (05.12.13). It was great! Thank You very much.

(2660) Martin
Fri, 6 December 2013 21:26:28 +0000

Thank you for a wonderful show in Ostrava, Czech Republic! You are amazing!

(2659) Catherine Rees
Thu, 7 November 2013 12:23:51 +0000

We really enjoyed listening to you in Covent Garden last night. The LCGC helped create a wonderful atmosphere around the Christmas Tree ... music to make the heart sing ... definitely!...:-)

Thank you all!

I am trying to find out where we can come and hear you all sing for an evening. I have added my name to the newsletter.

(2658) Angela Mwape
Sun, 3 November 2013 23:45:03 +0000

I came to see you at the rose theater in kingstone (03NOV2013). You were absolutely fabulous. God has blessed you all with so much talent! thanks to Daine , Phillipa, Kel and Rev Bazil for such a fabulous night and signing my cd :). May God bless you all and keep praising his name until we are all caught up to meet him someday

(2657) Paul Watkins
Fri, 25 October 2013 16:28:08 +0000

Hey Basil.

Just wanted to say a huge note of thanks to you, the band and tremendous choir you brought to Epsom last night. What a night! It was outstanding in every sense. A great blend of songs which was, we're sure, a great blessing to all that were there. A highlight for me was singing with the world famous LCGC and being complemented by so many members of the choir! I can dine on that for a while. :) As promised, will be praying for you and your continued success in your forthcoming ventures. See you soon again, I hope.

Best wishes

(2656) Olivier
Sat, 19 October 2013 12:40:00 +0000

Saw you in Chatham last night and it was absolutely amazing. Thank you for such a magical night.

(2655) Sam
Fri, 6 September 2013 13:10:17 +0000

I came with my family to see you at Blackheath this year , you were fantastic , a little something for the soul xx

(2654) Barbara Sturgeon
Mon, 2 September 2013 12:23:57 +0000

Dear beautiful people

Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at the Harbour Garden Cafe, Whitstable, Kent on Saturday (31/08/13)

Your supreme vocal talents, musicality, positive energy and joyfulness in making music will always stay with those of us privileged to be there. From TJ's spell-binding "Amazing Grace" to the big numbers which had our backsides dancing in our seats; it was all fabulous!I want to sing with you again! One Love!

There's really nothing else like LCGC!
Barbara xx

(2653) Pete
Mon, 5 August 2013 18:13:29 +0000

I saw the LCFC at frinton mission at the weekend. Was an absolutely incredible event and the atmosphere was electric. We only had 5 members there, would love to see what they can do with the whole group.

(2652) Pete
Mon, 5 August 2013 18:12:00 +0000

I saw the LCFC at frinton mission at the weekend. Was an absolutely incredible event and the atmosphere was electric. We only had 5 members there, would love to see what they can do with the whole group.

(2651) Alison
Sat, 3 August 2013 21:39:29 +0000

Thank you to Basil, Leon, Annette, Michelle and Christina for a wonderful evening of music and testimony at Frinton Mission this evening Sat 3rd August 2013. You have blessed us tonight, and been such an encouragement to us.
Thank you,

Julian, Alison and son Ed (who was so pleased to meet Leon - thank you for talking drums with him!).

(2650) Kam
Mon, 20 May 2013 13:34:10 +0000

A big up to Basil and his team of LCGC singers for an amazing performance on 18 May at Blackheath Halls. A truly excellent night, which left me in awe of such beautiful voices and the way in which LCGC make singing look so effortless. It was indeed a pleasure and honour to sing with so many talented individuals – thanks to whomever came up with the brainwave of the Blackheath Gospel choir singing alongside LCGC.

Big thanks also to Lena Palmer for her support in getting us ready for the gig on the 18th. Not only were you a fantastic choir leader and conductor, but you wowed us all with your rendition of “I go to the rock”. I hope we have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

(2649) kate waters
Mon, 20 May 2013 13:32:35 +0000

I saw you at the black heath concert halls on sat 18th may with my daughter
You were all amazing, thank u all so very even thinking of returning to church again soon,
Well done to u all
Kate and jess

(2648) Rose Ballantyne
Mon, 20 May 2013 10:24:46 +0000

Thank you to the wonderful London Community Gospel Choir for an amazing gig on Saturday night at Blackheath Halls. You were so fabulous - it was a real privilege both to be part of the audience and to be in the Blackheath Goes Gospel workshop group who you allowed to share your stage for a part of the evening.

We very much hope to be able to welcome you back again at Blackheath Halls in the future. You are all so talented and gracious. A particular thank you to Lena for being such an inspiring leader.

With love Rose.

(2647) Karen mitchell
Thu, 16 May 2013 00:04:03 +0000

Wow wow we have just seen you at the abbey near Reading .invited my sister who has always wanted to hear a gospel choir ,she doesn't go to church but she was so moved as was I on the amazing worship songs ,tears flowed from us both .she wants to find a church that sings like you ? Amazing and an answer to prayer .your last song from the abbey was so beautiful I felt I was in heaven bless you all so much for using your wonderful gifts for The Lord.i am trying to also with His ever gentle hand pPraise The Lord for tonight .

(2646) Shelley Nardini
Wed, 15 May 2013 21:57:04 +0000

Thank you for a wonderful evening at Douai Abbey. We were very lucky to be sat in the front row and be so close to such amazing and gifted singers. It was like being back on one of your experience days which I recommend to anyone!

Hope to see you again soon - You truly lifted my spirits this evening!

God bless you all!

Shelley x

(2645) Lesley McEwen
Wed, 15 May 2013 21:40:00 +0000

Just back from your wonderful concert at Douai Abbey in Woolhampton - absolutely wonderful, especially the unaccompanied pieces you did. You really were amazing without amplification, you have such a pure sound!!! And it was great being able to sing along with you. Thankyou!!

(2644) Louise Hodgetts
Sun, 3 February 2013 23:21:26 +0000

WOW :) just saw you tonight at south hill park - You are Fantastic !! One of my life long dreams has been to see a gospel choir So Pleased It was you :) Fantastic !!! so much love and energy I'm still buzzing :)

(2643) olivia
Sat, 2 February 2013 12:22:08 +0000

Hello gospel choir! I went to one of your concerts at the courtyard in hereford a couple of weeks ago and it was beyond amazing!!! You sang a song for me I am Olivia and I just want to Thank u all for singning that song for me!!! When I am going through a hard time I think of that song and I feel alot better!! once again a huge thank u!!!!!

(2642) Randall Taylor
Mon, 31 December 2012 13:54:07 +0000

Greetings from Mannheim, Germany. May God continue to bless your music ministry.

(2641) Sandy
Mon, 10 December 2012 13:03:14 +0000

To Wendy, TJ and all the choir who performed at The Foundry in Widnes last night, Thank you doesn't seem to be a big enough word. The workshop was the best fun I've had in ages and the concert just blew us away!! What a great way to spend our 12th wedding anniversary and we sang Hark the Herald Angel which we sang on our wedding day too - although not in quite the same way as we did last night! My face is now stuck in a permanent grin.
Bless you all and hope you enjoy some rest and a peaceful Christmas. xxx

(2640) Steve
Mon, 10 December 2012 00:29:29 +0000


Thank you for an amazing evening of gospel magnificence at The Foundry, Widnes. I visited from Audacious Church in Manchester and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. You have all been blessed by God with amazing talent. Thank you.

God bless you all,


(2639) Iain
Sat, 8 December 2012 15:17:19 +0000

Thank you for your energetic and uplifting concert at Winchester Family Church.
We also seen you at The Brook in Southampton earlier in the year. Thanks also for singing one of my favourite gospels songs 'My Change Will Come' which you performed so exquisitely.
It was a wonderful evening.

(2638) Emily
Sat, 8 December 2012 13:09:17 +0000

Last night was amazing, thank you so much to all of you that came to Winchester Family Church! Well done, another fab performance!

(2637) perry Williams
Sat, 8 December 2012 00:23:22 +0000

well what can I say, tonight was amazing its my second time singing with you, I look forward to singing with you a third time next year, A big thanks to TJ and Louise for the workshop. something inside so strong was really good thanks again Louise.

(2636) Zak Nelson
Sat, 1 December 2012 23:02:31 +0000

Thank you LCGC!!! Great gig tonight well done to all of you who came to Norwich! Special thanks to Rachel and Angelanita (sorry for spelling!) who gave me and my choir a workshop this afternoon we all enjoyed it a lot thank you!!!

(2635) Laura Francis
Sun, 25 November 2012 09:51:50 +0000

We saw you perform for the very first time at The Stables in Milton Keynes this week - one word..AMAZING!! Can't wait until next year as we will be back in the audience again.

Thankyou for a wonderful and inspirational evening x

(2634) louboutin
Wed, 14 November 2012 14:58:00 +0000

Österlen Gospel from Sweden, wish to compliment to your 30 years anniversary.

(2633) Franny
Mon, 12 November 2012 16:20:51 +0000

Wonderful Website and georgous gospel choir! Very nice xD

(2632) Nelly Christ
Wed, 7 November 2012 23:56:41 +0000

You are my new favorite gospel choir. I am 12 years old and live in Atlgen Pennsylvania with my family. I just LOVE you!

(2631) Sanny
Mon, 29 October 2012 10:52:13 +0000

Me and my university choir went to see you yesterday in Half Moon! You are such an inspiration with a beautiful heritage. We wish you all the best and happy 30 year anniversary!

(2630) Sharon
Wed, 26 September 2012 14:45:02 +0000

Thank you, thank you, thank you, God was in the House!!! You never cease to amaze and entertain. We had a great night on Saturday here in Horsham. At the back dancing all night and wanting more. Time seemed to pass so quickly but as always you did not disappoint. I am hoping your visit will inspire us to restart the Horsham Gospel Choir. Love to you all and enjoy your tour. Happy Birthday.

(2629) Beki
Wed, 26 September 2012 12:00:06 +0000

Saw you in Horsham on Saturday. This is the third time I've seen you and you just get better and better. The guy who sang 'Something inside so strong' is one of the best male vocalists I have heard in a long time. The choir generally is stunning, can't wait to see you again in the near future x

(2628) Jos
Sun, 23 September 2012 10:30:49 +0000

Amazing night in Horsham last night! Goosebumps from start to finish! Phenomenal vocal ability of the ladies and gents on stage. I am in total awe of your power and control! We had a fantastic night and were dancing in the aisle up in the circle. Well done everyone, you really were incredible and an absolute inspiration. Full respect and best wishes for the rest of your tour. Thank you!

(2627) Jennie crick
Sat, 22 September 2012 22:46:37 +0000

I came to see you this evening!! I thought you were amazing!! :) x

(2626) Sarah Hamson
Sat, 22 September 2012 22:44:49 +0000

Just had the privilege of seeing you perform in Horsham:what can I say but, awesomesauce! As for Lena, she has the voice of an angel- gave me shivers up & down my spine; amazing. Thank you all for an inspiring evening of song & faith.

(2625) Rachael Malicki
Sat, 22 September 2012 21:15:25 +0000


Tonight in Horsham is the first time I've seen you.... And I had goosebumps the entire show!

I love gospel music and I had a fantastic time!

I will be playing your cd on repeat in my car!


(2624) Ann Jacobsson
Fri, 21 September 2012 15:52:27 +0000

Österlen Gospel from Sweden, wish to compliment to your 30 years anniversary.

A lot of hugs to you all

(2623) Paul
Thu, 13 September 2012 21:09:02 +0000

Saw the choir at the proms in the park on Saturday. Wow what a joyful force of nature and faith. I am not blessed with such faith but felt a truly strong message. Best wishes

(2622) Sharron Fuller
Wed, 12 September 2012 22:58:57 +0000

A big huge thank you for making my husband Ian and myself so welcome today. What a fabulous time we had, couldn't wish for better only more. You made us sooooo welcome, Bazil you have a great team and one you should be so proud of, they are a credit to you, you are all a genuine warm and welcoming people and I couldn't recommend you high enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, please remember Cornwall. Lots of love sharron x

(2621) Ian Fuller
Wed, 12 September 2012 22:51:53 +0000

Hi Bazil and friends. I would like to thank you all for a wonderful experience day. The afternoon tuition was so helpful and i learnt so much. You have a real skill at getting the best from people. The evening rehersal with the choir was amazing and the memory will live with me forever. Everybody was so friendly and supportive and made the day extra special. I will be recomending the experience to everybody i know. Experience day is exactly what you get. In at the deep end but supported all the way. I hope you get back down to Cornwall soon as i cant wait to see you all perform again. Sharron and I will be there in the front center seats joining in. Once again many many thanks for brilliant day and please pass on my thanks to the choir. Hopefully see yop soon. Ian Fuller

(2620) Richard
Tue, 4 September 2012 19:19:20 +0000

LCGC you are a force of inspiration! Thank you for bringing such joy through music.

(2619) Kumar
Tue, 4 September 2012 19:15:51 +0000

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!! What a fantastic night at The Hall For Cornwall

(2618) Demetrius Gilbert
Sat, 21 July 2012 17:56:03 +0000

LCGC is a wonder group of magical singer that brings joy to my world, when ever I listen to any of their performances on Youtube my feeling is undescribable.

(2617) Jo
Tue, 17 July 2012 11:58:50 +0000

Amazing performance at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro last week. Your gorgeous choir get better and better Bazil x

(2616) Kez
Mon, 16 July 2012 14:52:25 +0000

I saw you yesterday at Latitude and thought you were absolutely fantastic. What a wonderfully uplifting way to start the day!

(2615) Dessy
Mon, 16 July 2012 09:03:16 +0000

:-)X Really loved what you guys did at Latitude . I was the the black guy having church on my own at the front!!! Thanks again!!!

(2614) Ian
Sat, 14 July 2012 22:04:58 +0000

:-)X Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!! What a fantastic night at The Hall For Cornwall in Truro On Wednesday 11Th July. The best night i have had out for a very long time. A huge thankyou to you all. Your energy and connection is amazing and i cant wait to spend the day with you very soon. Once again THANKYOU.

(2613) Julie
Sat, 14 July 2012 14:17:29 +0000

:-)X I saw you on Wednesday 11th July at Truro in Cornwall,you where fantastic. God really loves you all. Carry on be a blessing to all who listen to you singing. Have you ever thought about saying a pray at the end of your concerts??? Love you all,God Bless. Julie.xx

(2612) Julie
Sat, 14 July 2012 08:25:45 +0000

:-)X I saw you at Truro in Cornwall on wednesday 11th July i thought you were all fantastic, and want to bless you all with the glory of God,Jesus is coming again soon so keep blessing and singing. Thank you. Love Julie.xx

(2611) Nicola
Thu, 12 July 2012 11:51:24 +0000

Saw you perform last night at The Hall for Cornwall, it was amazing. Not only are you all phenomenal but the whole atmosphere was fun, warm and entertaining! It must be so amazing to touch peoples lives through music. You bring hope, inspiration and comfort through you voices. Thank you for a wonderful evening, we had so much fun! Your CD is on replay! Take care :-D x

(2610) Rebecca chilcott
Thu, 12 July 2012 07:34:44 +0000

:-// Had the most amazing time last night came to see you at truro, hall for cornwall, you were all fantastic. can't believe my mum pointed me out to sing, it was a dream come ture.
i soooo wished i had won the raffle it would of been brilliant to come a learn how to sing proper gospel music. YOU WERE ALL BRILLIANT!
from Becky xxxxx

(2609) Angela Rowe
Wed, 11 July 2012 22:24:19 +0000

Ive just arrived home from your concert at the hall for Cornwall and am still buzzing! You were truly wonderful, voices that would put most X factor contestants to shame! I was with my dear friend,Jenny, she starts her 2nd round of chemo next week for cancer and she said that hearing you sing uplifted her ready to start the next battle.... Thank you x :lol: please come back to Cornwall soon x

(2608) Heini
Thu, 5 July 2012 22:23:30 +0000

I heard you do a song based on Psalm 121 on a double disk. I can not find this album anywhere. Can you please let me know if this was an official release of LCGC?

(2607) Niki
Thu, 28 June 2012 11:10:26 +0000

I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U! i caught u at the fountain of peace concert and was truly moved. the woman that sang Gong Up Yonder is AMAZING. you were all AWESOME!

GOD BLESS U xxxxxxxxxx :-// :-)X

(2606) Jules
Sun, 24 June 2012 22:46:22 +0000

Just come back from seeing you at the Half Moon Pub in Putney. Truly inspirational. Amazing. Thank you!!! You are all so slick and have amazing confidence and voices. Can't wait til you come back in September :-)X :-D

(2605) Tim Mathews
Mon, 11 June 2012 12:42:01 +0000

Hello - just wanted to thank you for Amazing Grace. A beautiful, rich and rounded rendition full of emotion and each and every voice in faultless harmony. It's how it was intended to be sung, with pathos, passion, yearning and faith. God bless you all and thank you.

(2604) Annechatrin
Thu, 7 June 2012 15:54:23 +0000

Long time ago, back in the 80s, you guys were in Orebro Sweden. And I was your host here. From time to time I have been thinking what have happend to several friends I made. I even visited them in London and attended one of your rehearsal nights...
Just want to say glad to see that you guys still are singing and that you are doing it good!
Take care and God bless! Annechatrin

(2603) Blessing Jibromah
Mon, 4 June 2012 13:02:04 +0000

Hello! Please I would like to be a member of London Community Gospel Choir. Please email me and let me know how I can be a part. Thank you. Blessing Jibromah

(2602) Rev. Joseph Mayala Mitinje
Wed, 23 May 2012 19:01:26 +0000

It was a great blessing meeting Bazil in Arusha, Tanzania.

(2601) Rock
Mon, 21 May 2012 12:41:59 +0000

Hey yo all.
God is using you more than you think. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you so that to reach out the Nations.


(2600) CC Morgan
Sat, 5 May 2012 13:23:41 +0000

I got picked out the audience to sing at the harrogate gig,Singing has played such a huge part in my life, until recently when suffered trauma, and could no longer sing in public! Thankyou for giving me my voice back!

(2599) Michelle
Fri, 4 May 2012 10:44:42 +0000

Hi Guys
Saw you last night in Harrogate at the Royal Hall - superb concert, thank you so much for a wonderful evening. Loved every minute. Hope to see you all again soon.

(2598) Suzie
Sat, 28 April 2012 23:42:32 +0000

I loved the gig in Brecon....the team were great!

(2597) Carrie volausek
Fri, 27 April 2012 11:42:50 +0000

Just to say i attended your concert in brecon and it was quite frankly mind blowing i didnt want it to end!it was so uplifting and i cannot wait to hopefully see you again soon !

(2596) Keijo
Sun, 22 April 2012 09:42:04 +0000

Thank you tothe Lord for you in grace with love of God who made us to serve him in the Holy Spirits power for Jesus blood and now we will be blessing and helping to many the people in life be bless and joy for our Jesus is coming soon,thanks and pray,keijo sweden

(2595) Dee
Sun, 8 April 2012 19:51:39 +0000

Went to Gospel brunch to :-)X day at Millbank Tower. It was fabulous! The singing was harmonious, uplifting, fun an soul stirring the food was delicious too! Travis you were great! The whole atmosphere was something to experience. :-)X :-)X

(2594) Phil and Sue
Sat, 7 April 2012 02:41:58 +0000

Looking forward to hull on 21st very much hope Bazil is there
Love and joy always Phil and Sue

(2593) Iain
Fri, 6 April 2012 17:45:52 +0000

Thanks for the wonderful gig at The Brook in Southampton. I have been aware of LCGC since buying their second album back in the 80's. But seeing and hearing you all perform live was just amazing.
I hope to take advantage of one of your experience days in the Summer and may even find my voice.
Thanks again! :-)X


(2592) PEKS
Fri, 6 April 2012 14:08:39 +0000

Just got blessed by one of your ministations today Good Friday on UCB. I love your choir. God bless you. :-)X :V)

(2591) Shazza
Mon, 19 March 2012 15:05:56 +0000

You guys rocked the place along with my heart at Altitude - The Millbank Tower on Mothering Sunday..we absolutely loved your singing it touched our hearts.
Thank you

Shazza :-)X :V) :-//

(2590) Janin
Mon, 19 March 2012 13:12:16 +0000

Saw you at the Norwich Playhouse on 17 March. You guys were absolutely amazing!

(2589) Miss s
Sun, 18 March 2012 18:06:34 +0000

hi, i would really like to audition for the choir.. are the auditions still open?

(2588) Nita
Sun, 18 March 2012 10:57:01 +0000

Thanks for an outstanding performance in Norwich. I bought the tickets for your concert last year for me and my mum, but my mum died in January and I know she would have loved it. Sorry for sitting in the front row and weeping, but you sang some of my mums favourite hymns and it was a very emotional concert for me. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon :-)X

(2587) Paul
Sat, 17 March 2012 23:16:31 +0000

Great show tonight. The passion of the choir was tremendous. Come back soon.

(2586) Björn
Wed, 7 March 2012 01:53:12 +0000

Hello I like your music and I am gonna sing the song "Glory Glory Hallelujah" in a church here, But I very much like to use Your lyrics and I have been looking for two days at the net without finding it. Please help me with that and I'd be very greatful.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

(2585) Franzi
Sun, 26 February 2012 18:09:03 +0000

Loved the performance today during a lovely brunch at Altitude 360.
You guys brought such a big smile onto my face just by doing what you guys do best: sing out of joy!
Keep doing such a wonderful job :)

(2584) Vincent
Sat, 18 February 2012 13:47:44 +0000

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I love the song "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" very much, can I have the lyric? Thanks.


(2583) Janice
Mon, 13 February 2012 16:12:00 +0000

Loving your tribute to Whitney Houston heart felt. Stay Blessed :)

(2582) Heart & Soul Choir, Epsom
Sat, 11 February 2012 14:21:48 +0000

Hello lovely people,

Thank you so much for the best night we've had in a long time - it was an absolute pleasure and priviledge to sing with you at Epsom Playhouse on Thursday evening - we were all on Cloud 9 all day Friday as a result - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Roz and the Heart & Soul Choir xxxxx

(2581) Tramanda
Sun, 5 February 2012 17:14:43 +0000

Went to your concert on saturday - absolutely fantastic!! Very inspiring :-)X :lol: :-)X

(2580) Jim Hargreaves
Sun, 5 February 2012 01:01:02 +0000

Just been to see one of the best concerts (if not the best) in Lancaster by LCGC and Bazil and the choir put on a show that can not be beaten.

Not since seeing the Winans full family concert 20 years ago have I seen such a thrilling, amazing, soulful, and emotional experience but better still is they represent the very best of Britain!

LCGC to represent the UK @ the Olympics , much love and respect x

(2579) Elisa
Sat, 4 February 2012 23:00:20 +0000

Amaxing, uplifting, all Glory to God night!! Thanks so much for coming back to Lancashire. First saw you 2 years ago at dome in Morecambe - absolutely brilliant! Please come back soon!! Pray you have safe journey home. God Bless you in your work for him. x

(2578) Tim P
Sat, 4 February 2012 22:48:42 +0000

Thanks for a great night of music in Lancaster tonight! You had us singing and following actions and thrilled us with your singing and playing. Safe journey home through the snow!

(2577) Elayne Fieldsend
Sat, 4 February 2012 22:28:27 +0000

This should be on the National Health! Absolutely fabulous show tonight in Lancaster. I am sending a programme to California for some friends over there. A fantastic mixture of regae songs and traditional gospel. Beautiful singers making a beautiful noise together and what an atmosphere in the theatre. Lots of audience participation without being embarassing (!) Please, please come to Lancaster Grand again - SOON??!!! Thank you for a brilliant night out..... xxxxxx

(2576) Aled
Sat, 4 February 2012 21:40:48 +0000

Thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night at the Lowry in Salford. It was worth coming all the way from North Wales to hear your fabulous music. Many thanks for a fantastic evening - such cool harmonies, beats and grooves! All the best to the choir for the future, and congratulations on your 30th anniversary!

(2575) Roz
Sat, 4 February 2012 12:02:56 +0000

hey guys would like to thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much for the excellent concert last nite, sorry we had to leave early.... Bazil thank u very much for signing my book and thanks to all that let my daughter and myself on stage to dance and sing with you , i have waited 6 years to do that .... ,y love to you all and cant wait till i see you again..blessings in this very cold weather :-// :-)X :lol: :lol: :lol:

(2574) Alex
Fri, 3 February 2012 19:39:55 +0000

:lol: I love your songs


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